• Self Growth: A self-talk for self growth

    This book was written for anyone who is looking to make the best out of their life, and to be the best they can be in every areas of life. This is not just about a chosen career or about climbing the corporate ladder. This is about evolving into the best possible being you can be without any restrictions on religion, culture or nationality. This is about discovering who you truly are and want to be. Most of us spend a lifetime chasing after dreams and titles trying to please others and becoming what our society want us to be, but forgetting to become the best version of ourselves for us and creates a void that will never be filled no matter how many title we have acquired. This book highlights most of the necessary steps one should take to become the best version of oneself, it is a motivational butt kicker and will get anyone who is serious about growing in any area of their life…doing what’s important to truly grow and be better by living their best version of life. It’s true there are many books out there about self-growth, but this one is direct and to the point if one want to improve in any area of life then … this book is a must have, It’s guaranteed to have a profound impact on your life!

    Author Biography:

    Kessa’s philanthropy work includes sitting on the Board of several Non Profit Organizations. Ms. Gooden is not only an accomplished business woman, entrepreneur and mentor, she is a devoted mother of three beautiful children. Kessa has survived an incredible journey of faith, she immigrated to the United States at the age of 14 and has been on her own since then. She has climbed over every obstacle and survived every challenges. She has been tested through the proverbial fire on every area of life (physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, financially) and has lived through more hardships than most people could count. Through these fires, she has been purified as gold. Her beautiful heart is a big as her smile and her compassion for others knows no limits. Kessa has the life experience of mentoring and motivating others worldwide. Her testimony is one of victory, valor, and courage. Her mission is to help others attain their God given destinies through mentoring, motivating, encouraging, teaching, demonstrating, listening, and sharing. Kessa thrives on accepting the impossible as completely possible! It is her honor and joy to bless, give, share, and help others attain their best life!