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    Searching for Sara

    About the Book
    When Alex Gregory takes his first job with Sterling Chemicals, he has no idea he is stepping into the shoes of a murdered man. With the help of Leslie and Cindy, he exposes the company’s secrets, but at the same time puts his own lives in danger.
    In Searching for Sara, Alex and Leslie get entwined in a mystery that started ten years ago. With only a piece of paper with five word they start on a journey that puts a real stress on their relationship, but a journey they must take. At the same time, they are being stalked by a killer who they thought was in prison.

    About the Author
    James Frazee is an avid cook and bridge player. Raised in the Midwest, he received his Doctorate from Purdue University. He currently lives in New York City. The Mosquito Bites (2017) is his third book and first fiction novel. Like his protagonist, Alex, Dr. Frazee spent his early career working for a chemical company. His own experiences and education form the expertise and story for this book.
    In Searching for Sara, Alex and Leslie set out on a new adventure that will solve a ten-year mystery or lead to their demise. At the same time, they are being stalked by a killer who they thought was in prison.
    His first book, Beginning Bride by the Numbers (2014) is a ‘how to’ book on the basics of bridge for beginners. His second book, Quick and Healthy Recipes from the Store (2014), provides healthy meals using what you already have in your kitchen.

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    Bridge is a numbers game. This book is a beginner’s “How To” book on learning to play bridge based on numbers. It is a step by step learning process as well as a reference manual for both new and intermediate bridge players. It is not meant for the expert player. The book teaches you how to determine your points and then use them in your bidding. Each chapter contains examples and exercises to test your understanding before you move to the next section. The methods used in this book are based on years of my teaching bridge by the numbers and encouragement of my students to put this method into print for others to benefit. The book also provides rules for what cards to lead, the strategy to play a hand and how to keep score. Bridge by the Numbers provides a way for a new player to understand the basics of bridge, as well as the terminology used in the game, so they can move to the next level of playing.

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    THE MOSQUITO BITES: A Mystery Novel

    When Alex Gregory takes his first job for Sterling Chemicals, a company poised to make millions from their newest pesticide, he has no idea he’s stepping into the shoes of a murdered man.

    Alex soon discovers the pesticide about to be released not only creates poisonous mosquitoes, but the treated plants begin competing for earth’s oxygen at a slow but detrimental rate. Alex investigates the untimely deaths of those that learned the truth before him, and expose the company before they threaten the lives of future generations. But he must tread carefully, or he, Cindy, and Leslie, will meet their own untimely deaths.