• Two Countries, Two Women

    Odile Jalbert never dreamed, at age fifteen, that her father would arrange a marriage for her and that her future would hold so many challenges and changes. As her family grows, so does her faith and strength as she embarks on her life’s journey. After a tragedy strikes her family, she finds herself in a new country, learning a new language and reuniting with other family members. Her eldest daughter, Alice, learns to adjust to her new life in a strange land. When she falls in love and begins her own family, her faith becomes tested amid hard work and unbelievable losses. These two women find perseverance and endurance to withstand life’s hardships and learn unconditional love in the process.

    Author Bio

    Irene Cote Single, a Maine native, sold real estate for over 3 decades and wrote a local column in a weekly paper for two years. She has volunteered her time on numerous committees and wishes to pursue her writing full time. As a new author she is trusting in God to help her continue her dream of writing. She lives in Maine with her husband.