• Beyond the Shemitah

    For years H. Vandergouw has been sensitized by the Lord in regard to the last days we are living in. One of the areas that the Lord has targeted is the economic state of this country in relationship to the new global economic order envisioned with the coming Day of the Lord.

    His previous writing of Signs of the Coming Messiah in This Generation in 2011 included a chapter that considered our ominous economic realm that not only our nation was beset with, but that of the world.

    Since that time, even greater warning signs are becoming evident which are issuing “critical” alarms as never before. Sadly, our government and media are either suppressing and/or covering up the dangers these alarms are presenting. Using Biblical precedence and the historical results of past Shemitahs and Jubilees, 2016 – which is a Jubilee year – could be the year where a serious economic “fall” takes place. In this regard, the Lord gave this author “Actionable Recommendations” as He called them for your benefit. Why? To help you PREPARE for potentially the greatest economic collapse this world will ever experience. It is my sincere hope that this book will be a practical resource and guide for you and your loved ones in the perilous days ahead.