• Dissecting the Big Business of College

    Pursuing the college process should reflect the process of buying a home where buyers are savvy to the interests of sellers. But that’s not often the case with parents navigating the college process. Rather, they typically remain uninformed and vulnerable to the college interests. Colleges know this about parents and will exploit their weaknesses costing them thousands of college dollars.

    Dissecting the Big Business of College reveals the business model of the college and brings it to the forefront of your attention. While this book exposes colleges interests, it more so exposes parent’s weak tendencies. This book teaches parents the college perspective and how they get what they want from you—money. We give you our Top 10 Strategies that’s proven for saving thousands on college costs. You will advance from position of weakness to position of strength in dealing with colleges. Winning the college game requires understanding the college perspective. We deliver that to you right here!

    Author Bio:

    Hans J. Hanson is a national college advisor, having spent over fifteen years helping students win admissions, athletes play college sports, and parents save thousands on college costs. He is the Founder of CollegeLogic, a college advising service to students, athletes, and parents providing guidance and direction for getting college right in a complicated environment. He is the Founder of GetCollegeRight.com, an online platform for winning admissions, earning scholarships, being recruited, and saving college costs. Hans is an accomplished speaker, author, and expert advisor having worked with hundreds of college-bound families and spoken in front of over 20,000 people. Hans is proud to wake up every morning to the awesome responsibility of helping young people achieve their goals for college and life thereafter.

  • The Inside Secrets to Playing College Sports: What Every Mom and Dad Must Know

    The college recruiting success of high school athletes most often falls on the shoulders of their parents. Earning a real college sports playing opportunity depends on what you know, or don’t know.

    The Inside Secrets to Playing College Sports—What Every Mom and Dad Must Know provides parents with the inside secrets and critical knowledge that’s needed to successfully navigate the complex recruiting process. This book teaches parents what they must know in order to manage the college recruiting process effectively, from start to finish. Parents will learn the CollegeLogic Ten Step process that’s proven to deliver desired results.