• The Liberal Lexicon: A Socialistic, Spiritualistic Encyclodictionary

    The Liberal Lexicon: A Socialistic, Spiritualistic Encyclodictionary is an academic work, popularly written, in a class by itself. It is a hybrid encyclopedia and dictionary from a Socialist, Spiritualist perspective. It is lavishly laded with interesting incidentals, fascinating facts, amusing anecdotes, and profound editorials. This work is designed to fortify one’s vocabulary, while edifying one’s social conscience. This Progressive lexicon can be used as an alternative reference book, or a leisurely read through. It makes a marvelous traveling companion. I am certain that this book will open your eyes, move your mind, and sway your heart.

    About the author:

    Dr. Gary Joseph Pasieka (b. 1951) is an Educator, Philosopher, Metaphysician. He was born in Highland Park and raised in Hamtramck, two small industrial communities in the heart of Detroit. Dr. Pasieka earned his academic degrees at Detroit’s Wayne State University. He had served as a Teacher, School Administrator, and University Professor in Michigan, Texas, Indiana, Montana, and Venezuela. He presently resides in Trinity, Florida and Montego Bay, Jamaica. Dr. Pasieka has long been and advocate and defender of the poor, exploited, and oppressed. He is a devote Spiritualist and dedicated Socialist, a formidable combination.