• Spirituality Unlimited!

    Spirituality Unlimited! – Practical Interpretations of A Course in Miracles is essentially a metaphysical encyclopedia, defining terms used in the spiritual community and giving practical examples for application in your life. This book is intended for those who are Spiritual but not religious and for those who wish to use it as a reference for metaphysical terms. More than just a book though, it is a life-changing tool for examining your life and the way you relate to the world. It will take you to the source of challenges in all areas of your life. The material often will alarmingly be 180 degrees away from the thinking and opinions of the general public and many churches. Keep an open mind! Don’t react too quickly to any particular section. The material is often approached from another angle in some other section.

    About the author:

    Since the arrival of A Course in Miracles in 1972, many excellent commentary books on the Course have provided valuable insights. And now comes Bud Morris’s Spirituality Unlimited – Practical Interpretations of a Course in Miracles
    As a student and beneficiary of the Course for 21 years, I would like to say that:
    • If you have never read A Course in Miracles, read Spirituality Unlimited.
    • If you have hears of A Course I Miracles but never followed up, read Spirituality Unlimited.
    • If you are one of over millions of devotees of A Course in Miracles, read Spirituality Unlimited.
    This book will touch your heart and mind in the way Christ intended. You will change – and you will know the ultimate Peace, Love and Joy of God.

    -William J. Cox.

    Student, Practitioner, minister, poet and artist, Rev Bud Morris has been studying metaphysical principles and facilitating study groups in A Course in Miracles for over thirty years. He is the author of a series of four books entitled A Course in Miracles in a Nutshell. Bud’s goal in life is to remember more of his spiritual Truth each day and to teach that Truth to everyone he meets; i.e., to unconditionally love everyone he encounters and to help heal the insanity of this world through that Love. He seeks each day to be continually practicing the Presence of God and to pray unceasingly.