• Bring Forth The Light

    “I was given this moment of time to allow me the way to go home or a split second of reaction time to stay. I knew I would only have that second to react, and my mind knew what it needed to do. We both were feeling as if we were paralyzed, as we could think but couldn’t move. Remember, time was standing still for us, and we were in that moment of time. Just as time was very slowly starting to kick in for us both, I was able to begin lifting my arm to block the axe, (still in slow motion). The axe was coming right at me, and I knew if I missed, the axe was going to kill me in front of my son. I knew it would be lights out for me, but tragedy for Aubrey. It’s funny how we both knew and both could see that my life was going to end. I believe that in life we have checkpoints-points in life we can choose to go home by or continue on in life if we want to continue. For me this was a checkpoint, but what would that mean for Aubrey? Could you imagine being with someone you love and watching an axe split them open, before your very eyes? That was not a moment I wanted Aubrey to bear. I knew I couldn’t leave such a loving being with such tragedy to deal with. This was not going to happen. I was going to go on for yet another day.”

    About the author

    EMMANUEL is a trained spiritual medium; he has had the guidance of James Van Praagh, John Holland, Tony Stockwell, Marilyn Whall and Jose Gosschalk. He is a certified regression therapist under the training of Brian L Weiss, MD, and is a spiritual minister under the Order of Melchizedek Emmanuel has been intuitively, psychically guiding, assisting, and bringing forth messages from spirit for more than twenty years, as well as guiding others through regression therapies. Between homes in New York and Boston, Massachusetts, he and his wife, Elia, travel and enjoy their life on its journey. They are blessed to have built a temple for their own personal spiritual growth. Wherever they go, they both do their best to let their love and light shine. They are grateful that they bring forth a light to be shared by all.