• Murder in the Jury Box

    Phillip Carmady is on trial for the murder of his wife, Prudence. Sandra Eversol is a wife, a mom, and a Sunday school teacher. When she is called to fulfill her civic duty by serving as a juror in Phillip’s trial, her jury service sends her on a journey into the unfamiliar world of courtrooms, judges, defendants, lawyers and rules of evidence.

    In this fast paced legal thriller of conspiracy and murder, Sandra diligently sorts through the evidence searching for the truth, until unknowingly she becomes part of a murder conspiracy and finds that elusive truth…the hard way.

    Author Bio:

    An avid reader, Doris decided to follow her love of reading, transformed it into writing and published her first novel in 2008.

    Since publishing her first novel, Doris has published five more novels, three of which have earned five stars on Amazon Books.com.

    In a recent newspaper interview Doris stated, “It is my desire that as you, the reader, closes the last chapter on one of my novels, it will be with a contented sigh. It is my hope that you will feel the time you spent reading my novel was time well spent.”