• The Theater of Life: Roles We Play on Planet Earth in the Passing Parade of Our Existence

    Kent’s work invites the reader into a psychological and spiritual observation on why one should, “Be vigilant over your mind while exercising caution concerning powerful influences that the environment can impose on one’s life”.

    – Audrey M. Murphy, Ph.D Canditate
    Cognitive Psychology in Social Systems


    The Theater of Life introduces a spiritual and psychological perspective of the unseen life forces that encompass each of us. Charlyn shows us real cases to explain these hidden forces in one’s own sphere of existence that can be healed away for the benefit of the individual.

    About the author:

    Charlyn Kent is a registered nurse with a bachelor’s degree in science. Charlyn specializes in psychiatry with a focus on the paranormal. As a child, she suffered from asthma and was presented the opportunity of meeting and playing with beings from other dimensions that only she could see and speak with. She developed the ability to leave an unfinished dream on her pillow and pick it up where she left off. In her twenties, she was introduced to a Nigerian priest from the Yoruba tribe, with whom she studied the mysteries for ten years. Then came Mahikari, which introduced her to Johrei Fellowship, where she progressed to lay minister. She learned meditation from a Buddha from Burma. After the death of her father, she met Kaballah and became A student in the Modern Mystery School.