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    Life of Inventing

    Life of Inventing is to example a systematic approach to enhancing creativity in the line of inventing mechanical devices that perform work, or some type of product that has usefulness.

    What I intended by writing this book is to provide a step-by step recipe to create perceptually from an idea for the purpose of acquiring a United States patent. An idea is the ­first wave of intellectual property that develops into three-dimensional personal property of the creator or inventor. There is a certain mind-set required to create and become successful. The text in this book is meant to enhance your inventing experiences.

    It takes many years of inventing and writing provisional patent drafts to acquire the knowledge that will make an idea come to life, in a way, so rewards can be collected for twenty years into the future for the person who spends the time reading and understanding this successful method to create a product from an idea.

    Also written within the text of this book are experiences learned while developing products as an independent inventor. The designs of inventions exhibited within the content of this book are intended to example a timeline to produce a tangible result from the onset of an idea to the completion of the product invention. In short, the writer of this text is an expert in this field of creativity and writing really good provisional patent drafts—from thirty-three years of inventing experiences. The written text can become your gold mine of information once clearly understood.

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  • Yvan Kaprielian-front

    You Are a DIAMOND: Seeing Your Life Like a Diamond: Volume I Scratching the Surface

    Could Diamonds be more than just engagement rings, wedding bands or birthday gifts? Could there be more to Diamonds than just a symbol of financial and social status? Could a Diamond be a message, an instrument of the Divine? What if there is a correlation between the reflection of light inside the Diamond and our thought process? Could a Diamond be more than just a girl’s best friend? An introduction to the journey of a diamond from the depths of the earth all the way to your finger, paralleled to the depth of your Soul all the way into the palm of your hands.

    Learn what the Diamond can teach us about ourselves, our mind, our Soul, our hearts and our bodies. A fun and educational conversation packed with real life experiences and profound spiritual meaning explained in simple terms with realistic and applicable suggestions. Learn how a Diamond can help you understand yourself and improve your life right now! Learn how a simple meditation can help quiet down the chatter of your mind and start hearing the whispers of your Soul. Start scratching the surface of this mysterious crystal called Diamond and become the master creator, the captain of your ship, and stop being a victim of the winds of circumstances.

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  • Spencer Farmans - front

    Vignettes, Meditations and Memories : A Book Of Poems And A Story

    About the author:

    Spencer Farmans is the author of three previous books of poetry, essays, and editor of two collections of short stories. His books include Thirty-Three Poems (2001), Statues and Trees (2006), and Is That What I Mean? (2012). He has taught literatureand writing since 1975. Since 1998 he has taught literature, composition, poetry and fiction at Moraine ValleyCommunity College in Palos Hills, Illinois. Spencer lives with his wife, Janet, in Downers Grove, Illinois.

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  • George Fluellen - front

    A Change in the Weather

    Joe and Charlotte will face incredible odds to find what few people truly acquire in this lifetime, a true soulmate. Joe newly snatched from his home land is the newest slave on the plantation and Charlotte is the master’s daughter. Their stormy love affair will endure all time and keep you on edge, guessing. You will be right there on the plantation as you journey with them through all obstacles.


    About the author:

    George Fluellen is the pastor of two small churches in Middle Georgia. After graduating high school, he worked odd jobs one of which was a custodian at the First Baptist Church in his hometown. It was during this time he received the calling of the Lord. The pastor of that church encouraged him to begin theology classes.   He attended the Union Baptist Seminary where he obtained his master’s in theology and a Doctor of Divinity Degree. He grew up hearing the stories of his forefathers from his parents. He was always fascinated of how they had to overcome many obstacles and struggles. This interest in his ancestry motivated him to begin his documentation and research into the lives of his ancestors.

  • Jerry L. Fitzgerald- front

    The Uncommon Men

    I started this book a few months ago, I thought I would be doing it myself, but my son gave me some stories. I decided to call the book, ‘The Uncommon Men’.

    The stories in the book may have happened to you. Of course, we have different ages of involvement at different places.

    I know you will enjoy the book and share it with others.


    Enjoy Life,

    Jerry L. Fitzgerald


    About the author:

    The author is from a small town in Ohio. The town becomes noticeable when he was ten years old and still up on the map. He went to a small elementary school, first to eighth grade and then to high school with five other elementary school students as a freshman. He started with his homeroom in the journalist room, which was there until he graduated. He headed in the large university. All kinds of things happened from then and now-car accident, heart attack-and back outside of the same small town, there he started with. Retired from teaching and now working on this book, the author hopes his family, some friends, and past co-workers may enjoy this book.

  • Dee Woodrum - front

    Poems and Stories of Inspiration

    Poems and Stories of Inspiration is a collection of encouragement given straight from Dee’s heart. Even though her physical abilities are limited, she’s always inspired others through her joy and zeal for life. Dee hopes that whoever reads her poems will be uplifted and strengthened by them. They were written to give you power on good days and lift you up when you are down on bad days. Give her poems a try; you will be happy and encouraged if you do. Keep all of this in mind when you read her poems of praise to her Lord.


    About the author:

    Born a military daughter Dee Ann Johnson Woodrum began life just as any other child with excitement and a smile. Not long after she reached the age of two she got a case of the croup that left her fighting for her life. With a strong faith in God her parents got on their knees and asked God to spare her life. They were told by human physicians she’d never walk or talk again, but the Great Physician had different plans. Dee did learn to walk and talk again and writes words of encouragement with that same excitement and smile.

  • Theodor Damian - front

    Prayers in Hell

    King Midas – the legend says – transformed everything he touched into gold. Theodor Damian transforms everything he touches into poetry.

    Sequences from street life, landscapes, people’s gestures, usually looked upon as banalities, disclose, under his eye, their beauty. Other contemporary authors make poetry out of poetry. Theodor Damian makes poetry out of daily reality.

    The blase man of the twenty first century has a lot to learn from this book. Reading it one can rediscover the joy of life. It is a resurrection exercise.

    Alex Stefanescu


    This is an exceptional book, a synthesis of the poet’s lyric and philosophical vision on how the impossible looses its limits when it is immersed in prayer. In Damian’s poetry the “I” of the lyrical and the “I” of metaphysical reflection complement each other in total harmony and become definitory for the poet’s work when they meet in the profound dimensions of Christian spirituality.

    Prayers in Hell represents an editorial event of utmost importance in the landscape so arid and so repetitive of our contemporary poetry.

    M. N. Rusu


    About the author:

    Theodor Damian is a theologian, writer and editor, born in Romania. He is currently Professor of Philosophy and Ethics at the Metropolitan College of New York. He has previously published poetry, theology and literary criticism and is editor of a quarterly review of Romanian spirituality and culture and of a theological review.

  • T.M. Nugent - front

    The Chameleon Returns

    The Chameleon Returns is the continued drama of the McLaughlin Family. Lucky McLaughlin inherited the role of the Chameleon from his Father Brooks McLaughlin the original Chameleon who dies suddenly from Colon Cancer. The Chameleon is an individual who Rights wrongs perpetrated by the most evil of criminals and brings them to justice. If the FBI cannot bring them to justice; the Chameleon can. It is a story of the McLaughlin Family as the family grows.I hope you enjoy my second in a series of novels. Next Novel is called Charlie. Look for it.


    About the author:

    I am T. M. Nugent, Author-Poet. Welcome to my Saga of Lucky McLaughlin and his family of heroes. In this new novel, The Chameleon Returns you will enjoy an action-packed adventure of a unique man and his family. I hope you enjoy this book because I enjoyed writing it. I was born at Holy Cross Hospital in nineteen forty-nine. I Had an exciting childhood with five brothers and sisters, I have lived in California and had a residency in Nevada and Aguacate, Costa Rica. This Novel is my twelfth book, and I hope you enjoy it.

  • Dothel W. Edwards, Jr. - front

    God’s Workout Plan to Defeat a Bully at Work

    Christians are called to represent the Jesus Christ in a society that is becoming insensitive and cruel. Satan and his demonic spirits (the enemy) main priority is to use people who do not know Jesus Christ or use those who deny Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior to target you for distraction, deception and ultimately your destruction! Consequently, you will be bullied by those who are being misled by the enemy. Bullying can affect you in many destructive ways. This book will unlock the power of God in you through a workout plan to defeat the bully at work.


    About the author:

    Dr.Dothel W. Edwards, Jr. is a tenured professor in the Department of Rehabilitation Studies in the College of Health Sciences at Alabama State University (ASU). In addition to his full-time faculty responsibilities at ASU, he provides vocational expert witness testimony for the Social Security Administration Office of Hearing Operations (OHO) and works as a Certified Life Care Planner and a certified Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor. Dr. Edwards’ has published and conducted presentations in the areas of interests are quality of life issues among persons with disabilities, professional ethics in vocational rehabilitation, forensic rehabilitation, and workplace bullying.

  • Juanita Nobles - front

    Children of the Bible

    Did you know there are lots of children in the Bible? King David was once a little boy who killed a giant with a slingshot. Moses had a sister who watched over him when the wicked King wanted to kill him. Josiah became the king when he was only eight years old! This book is about children just like you who lived in Bible days.


    About the author:

    Juanita Nobles is a retired school teacher who lives in Melissa, Texas, with her husband, Marvin. She holds both the Bachelor and Master Degree in Education. She taught in elementary schools in Texas, Missouri, and Florida while her husband pastored churches in those states for more than forty years. She loves writing, reading, and making quilts.