• Norman Beaupré - Marginal Enemies

    Marginal Enemies

    Two boys grow up during World War II, Gerard in New England, Morgen in Berlin. They live parallel lives: their families experience similar changes, similar suffering. The world says they are enemies. What makes an enemy? Why are people designated as enemies? If these two later met, what would they think of each other?

    WWII and the Hitler’s elimination of the undesirables alter the daily lives of both boys immeasurably. Morgen’s father, a pacifist doctor, deserts his own troops and escapes with a Viennese friend, himself a marked man. The parallel situations of the two boys and their families balance the two sides of the war. We see, not the propaganda, but the real effects the war had on civilians in both countries. We also see the ‘forgotten’ undesirables such as Gypsies, homosexuals, blacks and Japanese-Americans. Woven into all these lives is the quest for sanity and freedom from hatred.

    About the author:

    Norman Beaupré was born in Maine. He received a Ph.D. from Brown University and taught at the University of New England where he is now Professor Emeritus. He has traveled extensively and spent two sabbaticals in Paris. He is the author of 23 published books. He writes in English and in French. In 2008, he was awarded the medal of “Ordre des Arts et Lettres” by the French Ministry of Culture and Communications in Paris for his outstanding contribution to French culture.

  • Lucien Bracquemont -  Endurance

    Endurance: An Autistic Autobiography

    A story of endurance against the odds. There is a dearth of literature by disabled, working-class authors. This is the account of an autistic author, though one gifted with literary ability. Lucien Bracquemont is eager to share his story, to help others understand the realities and issues facing those on the autistic spectrum, and to provide a voice for others on the spectrum. He has had much contact with the mentally and otherwise challenged members of the community. This work is emotionally charged in places and transparent, with a message of hope and understanding.

    About the author:

    Lucien Bracquemont of Maine is a 60-year-old workingclass individual with Asperger’s Syndrome (on the autistic spectrum) who has survived not only emotional and mental abuse and disabilities but cancer at age 41 as well. He has a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy and two years of theological training. His current job and relationships bring him into constant contact with emotionally and mentally challenged individuals. He credits his girlfriend, Katherine, of nineteen years as well as other significant factors for his surviving and thriving. Bracquemont is a survivor, not a victim.

  • Adel Hariz - Stick from Every Valley

    Stick from Every Valley

    This book is about philosophy, romance, and poetic love letters, and about the war in Lebanon. The rest are about his life stories.

    About the author:

    Adel Hariz, born in November 15, 1957, in Zahle Lebanon, second of four boys. The father was abusive to his family. Adel was involved in commerce since he was twelve years old. His father passed away in 1970, then afterwards the war started in Lebanon in 1975. So the family decided to immigrate to America on June 19, 1979. When they came here, he started working in the Real Estate Business and went to school at the same time to get his engineering degree. So he worked in the High-tech industry as a semiconductor engineer in the weekdays, and in the Real Estate Business in the weekends. In 2005, he read the Bible twice which inspired him to start writing, so he wrote about Philosophy, Romance, Poetic Love Letters and about the war in Lebanon.

  • Trey Jackson - Evergreen

    Evergreen: We Are Not The Masks We Wear, We Are The Light That Shines Through

    We often allow the external world to define us and tell us who we are, but in truth this is not us. At our core we are something much more than the masks we put on with family, friends, and at work. There is a light within us emanating from our heart, and when we remember it we begin living our truth. Through a traumatic injury Trey began looking at himself only to realize he had no idea who he was. Evergreen brings to life Trey’s vision of waking up to our true nature within. We are already enough.

    About the author:

    TREY JACKSON is the founder of Free-Minds blog & podcast. He is also the author of this book, part one of a three book series. Trey graduated from the University of Tennessee with a BA in History & Supply Chain Management. He grew up in Nashville, TN, with a short stint in Knoxville, TN. He now resides in Atlanta, GA. He also spent a short time working as a stand-up comedian between college and his first corporate job. He now serves as a medium, and authors books to promote growth in himself and others on their journeys of self-discovery.

  • George Yenney - The Spoils of War

    The Spoils of War

    It’s the summer of 1968. STEVE is back from Vietnam, trying to loose himself in the surf. EVELYN struggles to adjust to her husband’s combat deployment. KATHY wants to grow up too fast. They will all live lies to get what they want….the spoils of war.

    About the author:

    Mr. Yenney, a Navy brat, was born in Virginia, raised in California and attended military boarding school in Wisconsin before serving two tours with the U.S. Navy in Vietnam. He earned degrees from UCSB and CSUDH. He has lived in Oregon, Texas and Mexico. For more than a decade he taught English and conducted international business in the Republic of China on Taiwan. He was a bilingual educator in Oxnard, California for 20 years. He speaks Spanish and Chinese. He currently resides in Ventura, CA., working on his fifth novel.

  • Steven Craig Welch -  Tiny and Craig

    Tiny and Craig: Common Decency and Table Manners

    This story was written as a bedtime story fairy tale for county jail inmates’ bedtime story so the writer felt safe.

    About the author:
    Francisco native since arriving in 1955. Lives in Sonoma County wine country. Former standup comedian, pirate radio show host, chef/cook and dishwasher/owner of tiny bistro in Humboldt County.

    The story began as a bedtime story for other inmates in County jail when I was afraid of them. Tired of the rat races, I ran a classified ad “Revenge is best served as a cold cream pie’ and threw around 400 pies for a nominal fee. Choctaw tribal member uncomfortable enough with
    tech to still be carrying a flip phone. Call before you text please. Yakoke is Choctaw for Thank you. Yakoke.

  • MaryJo Clark - Teacher Teacher

    Teacher Teacher: Problem Solving Without Bullying

    Second graders are taught a vocabulary of feelings, words, and colors. Active listening and congruent sending is the model followed. The main sentence taught is this:

    I feel ________ when _______, and I wish to see___________. Here is the example: I feel hurt when you call me names, and I want you to stop.

  • David G. Bickler -  Angel and Atom

    Angel and Atom: Loving-kindness Realized Creates World Peace

    This story is about understanding life as a fragile, unique creation. David’s exploration of words used is quite simple and easy to understand just how Life created us all-inclusive as the earthlings we are. The story is based on finding love through forgiveness that in the end creates immortality in our flesh long before death.

    A love story that shows just what loving-kindness can do.

    About the author:

    The author's desire is to showcase gods live via our consciousness opened up. Each book the author has written is for the betterment of all earth inhabitants. He hopes one day that world peace tries it! Just once will happen. The Author has also written: Time to choose, Sex Lies and dreams.

  • Shirley Jordan -  A Pretty Face

    A Pretty Face

    Society has taken over how a pretty face should look, so people are doing things out of the norm to become a pretty face to deal with life's challenge.

    About the author:

    Shirley Jordan is a mother of four and a grandmother of five, she was born and raised in Houston Texas and is a true entrepreneur. For ten years she was an owner, founder and operator of PlayHouse Cuts, a hair salon that catered to children of all ages and disabilities.

  • Niola - Reality Has Its Ways

    Reality Has Its Ways

    Young girl dreams about being an adult living on her own where she can do what she wants
    when she wants with no one to tell her differently when the time comes, reality proves it to be more difficult than she thought it would be, life as an adult often had crawl obstacles in her path and it also taught her people aren’t always who they seem to be at first.

    About the author:

    Margaretha Peters 26 years old I live in Canada Ontario I was raised in a family of 8 and I have lived out in the country for most of my life this is the first novel I have ever written and I hope to continue writing.