• Escape Artist An Anthology

    Escape Artist was first published in November of 1995, and this anniversary edition contains virtually all the same poems.

    Let me quote from my description from the original version: “Escape Artist tells of my retreat into my little world, the protective cocoon from which I observe life.” The poems are, in a simple phrase, “life, according to me”. Most of the experiences are personal, but some are borrowed from others. The observations, however, are all mine. Welcome to the “hideout of the visionary”.

    One key difference worth noting here: I have added an extra poem – ‘in loco parentis’ – that did not appear in the earlier version because it did not exist at the time.


    About the author

    Byron Sogie-Thomas was born and raised in Freetown, Sierra Leone, and is a naturalized American. A thirdgeneration public servant, he graduated cum laude from Howard University and earned a Masters degree at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. He resides in Maryland with his wife Yewande. His most recent anthology of poems, entitled Razor Bumps and Stretch Marks, also published by LitFire, is available from the publisher, Amazon, and a variety of online booksellers. You may follow Byron on Twitter — @yrubored.

  • Razor Bumps and Stretch Marks: An Anthology

    Razor Bumps and Stretch Marks is a rite of passage. It reflects the hazards and romance of growing up.

    It also represents my journey over the past two decades or so, with a healthy dose of what I’ve heard and observed from those around me, fellow travelers who didn’t always know I was watching.

    I resisted the impulse to arrange the poems thematically, or in chronological order, a nod to life’s often non-linear character. Instead, they are arranged alphabetically. That way, whenever you’d like to return to one favorite or the other, you’ll know where to find it.

    Look forward to hearing which verse helped make your load a little lighter.