• Creatures from Spark Stone Mountain

    Adrian and Delbert live on a dwarf planet called Exvascia. Besides natural dangers, aliens arrive hoping to secure spaceships full of the Spark Stone Mineral. Fighting begins between various groups after the mineral and two of their spaceships explode simultaneously, changing the planet’s orbit. Will it escape a black hole looming in its new orbit?

    Will they have to scuttle the planet? Will they find out what happened to the males of their species?

    Through telepathic communication and a portal to a gold mine in Denver, they keep in touch with friends on earth.

    Will the humans overcome the Isaku, the created evil spirits that threaten the existence a Tonga village and a gold mine in Denver, Colorado?

    Author Bio:

    Beauford E. Averette and his wife Marie have been married since 1963 and live in Salem, Oregon. He enjoys driving his 1962 Ford Falcon or traveling with his wife.

    He enjoys using his laptop to work on novels of different genre. He found that producing a trilogy was quite a challenge, especially when the last one had to tie all thing together and be more exciting than the other two. Being retired, writing gives him a creative outlet for thought and occupies a lot of his free time.

  • The Adralack Crack on Mt. Baker

    The book tells of the adventures and dangers faced by four university professors who climb Mt. Baker during their winter break. They are involved in an unexpected cave-in of a lava tunnel below a glacier and later caught in an avalanche.

    With Larry injured, they decide to seek shelter in a shallow rock outcropping they call the “Adralack Crack”. Why did Larry become the victim of the cosmic force when he stepped into the “Crack”? Could Adrian Adralack, a fellow climber, invent a teletransporter to bring him back out? For what other purpose would Adrian use his teletransporter? Because of what happens to the climber in the “Crack”, their lives are forever changed by its paranormal effects.

    Will Art become obsessed with walking into the “Adralack Crack”? Will Art’s wife find love with an old friend? Will the alien that came from Exvacia by the cosmic force search out and mate with one of the professors?

    There are many twists and turns that deal with extraterrestrials, teletransportation, thievery, love, sex and friendship within its pages. This and much more will excite your imagination and titillate your senses.


    We are not alone in the universe.

    Art, Adrian, Larry, and Delbert have discovered a portal that takes them into a dwarf planet that has to maneuver itself in space to avoid comets and rogue moons. It’s an ethereal place where extraterrestrial beings with superpowers exist. But what they didn’t know are the dangers that lurk in every corner of the undiscovered planet. Will they be able to make it back to Earth alive?

    The ship is about to embark on an otherworldly journey. Fasten your seatbelt and get ready for takeoff.