• Betrayal in Paradise

    On the majestic island of Kalua, Hawaii, three African-American/ Hawaiian sisters besieged and subjected to the challenges of bitter conspiracy, the sting of deceit, the effects of personal pain, and the
    undeniable heartbreak of betrayal; however, the power of God, the power of their own prayers, renewed unity, the aid of three heroes, and faith, explosive joy enter the lives of the Royal sisters. The sisters are defenseless against Kerwin Patrick, a ruthless and ungodly man who is planning a sinister plan to destroy the Royal sisters. Nevertheless, through guided events, an unexpected love connection evolves, and lives change.

    About the author:

    Avis Lawrence, born in Florida, has lived, and worked in various states. My professional background is diverse. I have worked in the fields of Administration, Acting, Fashion Modeling and Instruction, and Entrepreneurship. I studied at Barbizon Schools of Modeling and Fashion, Marymount College, and Florida Memorial College. Writing in various forms, has given me pleasure and purpose. I penned a poem which appeared in VISTA magazine in 1969. My works are based on my life experiences. I write to enlighten women about God’s power, be hopeful, and, never give up on love, but to always pray, trusting God to guide them.