• Nostalgia: The Way It Really Was

    A resident of Bradenton, Florida. Andrew studied under Eastman Kodak Company for lighting, film manufacture and development. He started a career in photography during the late 1950’s doing commercial and advertising photography for Cleveland and New York ad agencies. He was one of the first photographers in the Cleveland area to present full-color commercial work. Taking a long break from photography he worked as an engineer before returning to photojournalistic work for several magazines. Andrew has authored 15 books during his career, several on digital photography.

    This book “Nostalgia _ The Way it Really Was” captures not only the essence of how America was during the golden period of discovery and development in the country but the ability of photography to record these exciting events and keep them sacred for future generations.

  • Photographic Art: Pinups & Portraits

    Starting in the late 1950’s the author began his career in photography becoming one of the first in the Cleveland area to present commercial work in full color. He left his business to concentrate on engineering for a period of years returning to photojournal work for several magazines.

    Over the course of his career in photography the author has photographed hundreds of women for photostories, commercial assignments and for his books on photographic art. This book demonstrates his style and his approach to glamour in photographic expression of women. A picture book loaded with wonderful images of beautiful women giving the aspiring photographer a brief written guide throughout the pages.