• The Executioner

    The Executioners

    The Executioners is a book that covers several Armenian related subjects. The main theme is about the executioners who assassinated the Ottoman Turkish perpetrators of the Armenian Genocide and how
    they went about accomplishing their assignments. The other contents include a short history of Armenia, the events of Bank Ottoman, the foundation of Operation Nemesis, and what is going on in Turkey, Armenia, and Azerbaijan today. Operation Nemesis was the secret organization that formed after World War I to execute the perpetrators of the Armenian Genocide. These were the same Ottoman Turks who were condemned to death by their own Courts-Martial but were able to flee to safe havens until the commandos of Operation Nemesis caught up to them and execute them.

    About the Author:

    George Mouradian by profession is an engineer, yet also a history enthusiast. He is an American born Armenian who has researched Armenian history since his high school days, taught and was principal of
    Armenian Sunday School classes, lectured on Armenian and Genocide subjects, and has been very active in the Armenian community affairs. His job skills relate more to quality and reliability engineering
    than they do to history, but he has a love of the past and wanted to do something that could help others who are also interested. He has written several books on Armenian history and culture and on engineering, and has taught Reliability Engineering and Quality Management at the American University of Armenia. He wrote The Executioners because he wanted to tell the world about the Armenian Genocide and the avengers who tracked down the Ottoman Turkish culprits who killed the Armenians, Greeks, and other Christians. In addition, he wanted readers to learn about happened at
    Bank Ottoman, the Hamidiye Massacres of 1894-1896 and the founding of Operation Nemesis, the organization that formed to execute the perpetrators of the Armenian Genocide. George is also concerned with what is going on, in and among, Turkey, Armenia, and Azerbaijan today. The potential dynamics of the future are immense.

  • Harmony in the Open Field

    Harmony in the Open Field

    What happens when you come face to face with one of the biggest fears of your life? Imagine how Kreigh Alcorn, an acorn, feels when he happens upon a grey and brown squirrel! If you’ve ever been afraid, you will love Harmony in the Open Field. Ruth-Ann J. Thompson, songwriter, and motivational speaker, now brings us Harmony in the Open Field, the second book in The Open Fielders, a series that will touch the heart of a child, and encourage the hearts of parents.

  • A Random Act of Kindness

    A Random Act of Kindness

    In “A Random Act of Kindness” a young man sees something he knows is not right, steps in, and makes a difference to someone he does not know and has never met before. That simple random act of kindness did make a difference. Mark Twain once said; “The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.” In this book I’ve tried to show that difference and why it really is true. Life is all about choices we make. Some good…some not so good. Failure, however, is not an option. How we respond to circumstances beyond our control, in many cases, can be the difference between peace of mind or heart-wrenching agony. I would hope we call can come together and choose peace of mind.

    About the Author:

    Mike Coy #20 Mike is the bestselling co-author of Incredible Business, and author of I Chose…Live. A book very personal to him talking about his battle with Cancer and how he is winning the war. Mike is a much sought after public speaker with various topics and motivational themes. Mike is the former president of the Austin Westlake Chamber of Commerce and is currently a Senior Benefit Consultant with Aflac. Being one of the top health care reform gurus in the nation, Mike’s energetic and engaging manner makes his presentations educational, motivational, inspirational, and just plain fun!

    Go to: Ichoselive.com for more information about Mike and how he’s trying to rid the world of Childhood Cancer.

  • Black Eden

    Black Eden

    Reverend Benjamin Thomas has finally obtained the post for which he has been praying for years; he and his son, Forrest, are now Pastor and Assistant Pastor of First St. Marks Missionary Baptist Church. They are given a choice of housing: the parsonage beside the church or a mansion that was donated to the church by a deceased member, as the new parsonage. Because of its dark past: the horrors of slavery; a reported murder/suicide of a past pastor and his wife; and the disappearance of another pastor and his family; they are warned against taking the mansion. Despite the warning, Benjamin chooses the mansion. Forrest discovers that there is major corruption going on in the church, and that the chairman of the Deacon Board, Gaston Burton Davis—who is also the city’s mayor–is at the core of it all. He also discovers that his father is being used to further the corruption. Forrest, with the help of one of the mothers of the church, tries to save his father, and the church, from the negative forces that are working against First St. Marks. In the process, the practice of tithing is explored.

    About the Author:

    Dr. Mildred Dumàs is a novelist and a playwright. She is also an actress of stage, screen and television. Some of her movie credits include Lady Killers, The Hustle, and Chasing Papi. She is best remembered as Principal Brandywine on Nickelodeon’s Unfabulous Show. Some of her plays have been produced at theaters around the country. Her play, When the Past Comes Back . . . (drama about sorority hazing), received seven N.A.A.C.P. Theater Awards Nominations in 2001. Mildred is also a Naturopathic Doctor and has penned a book on natural healing: God’s Diet for His People. Dr. Dumas lives in Southern California.

  • Bae


    In this book of poems in which I have created represent love and the realities of what I feel love is and what love should be as a writer as a man and as a human being and I hope that my love poems reflect what love is and possibly could be.

    About the Author:

    My name is Elijah Jones and I am a writer and poet from Houston, Texas who loves to express himself with his words and thought patterns that can be displayed in my poetry and in my verse because writing is what I love and what I do.

  • Life With My Only Son

    Life With My Only Son

    Her first book “The Girl Who Cried Daddy” was an autobiography of her as a preacher’s daughter growing up in a very religious family. This 2nd book is about riveting family interactions, which reaps laughs, fun, and ultimately tears.

    Living with My Only Son,” talks about the tragic ending of her son’s life that was never expected.

    About the Author:

    This first time author, is the only girl of three siblings, she’s a preacher’s daughter, and the mother’of only one son, and the grandmother of one 5 year-old energetic, lovable grandson, she was born and raised in the city of Atlanta, in 1963.

  • I'm No Different

    I’m No Different

    The book tells the story of a sophisticated, sweet, judged, strong woman whose life has been an emotional rollercoaster through a toxic combination of relationships, sibling-mental abuse, death, being purposely impregnated and DESERTED, decision pressure, playing both roles of the mother and father, striving to survive while tumbling into fast money and the ex-rated film world and becoming a star.

    The first part of the book introduces the readers in strategic details what it is like to be her and exactly who she is. Readers will understand why she’s always smiling, wise and why she is so grateful to God. Readers will also have an understanding on why having struggles make you work on yourself.

    As the story goes on, you will get chills!! Truth is, she’s doing everything all alone and is still standing strong. She was in survival mode, while dealing with the world on her shoulders; but life and wisdom helped her escape the mentality of survival mode.

    The end of the book focuses on the series of the wonderful things that she has become. Although she has been faced with multiple trials and tests, she has proven that she is dangerously strong, very smart, sexy and nothing to play with! So, judge her all you want!

    About the Author:

    Markiesha is a very respected, multi-talented, proud owner of an online cosmetic company called KingShe Cosmetics. She is not just a committed entrepreneur but is also a highlighted distinguished, influential, risk taker and game changer whose making history. There is no other cosmetic company in the entire world that represents good quality products, style and art. Her company is named after King Hatshepsut but is influenced by hardworking single parents who play both roles and wear many hats in their household. She is the proud single mother of 1 beautiful son and lives happily in Atlanta, Georgia. Support her fabulous business and follow her on social media at Twitter.com/KingSheCoz, Instagram.com/KingSheCosmetics and Facebook.com/KingSheCosmetics.

  • America

    AMERICA: Once the United States?

    A thought provoking work that will have make you laugh and cry. It is in A to ZZ format that will spark your interest with true stories as well the funniest e-mails from years past. You will find this book inspirational and will make you think where America might be heading. It addresses some important topics from today’s current events. You will enjoy the A to ZZ format as you focus on topics of interest to you.

    About the Author:

    Ralph “Pete” Peters is a highly recognized author, trainer and leader around the World in the areas of implementing maintenance and manufacturing best practices, developing effective productivity measurement systems and initiating long term sustainable operational improvement processes. He has also supported both the public and private sectors. His value as a consultant has been enhanced through his direct leadership and profit and loss responsibilities within large maintenance and manufacturing plant operations prior to focusing upon consulting.

  • Darla's Animal Art

    Darla’s Animal Art

    Over the years, I have amused myself by creating fun computer artwork using various animal ‘models’. This book includes a lot of those works. Yes, I do admit, I have a weird sense of humor, and I really like puns; so be prepared. I cover everything from science fiction, to television shows and movies, to patriotic subjects, to a little ‘cross-breeding’. I hope you enjoy what I’ve put together.

    About the Author:

    I was raised in a small West Virginia town. After working part-time for a couple of years, then a couple of years in college, I joined the military serving as a US Navy Corpsman. Afterwards, I worked as an administrative assistant for a Government contractor, then in the construction industry. Now, at 70 years old, I am retired and enjoy doing things for which I have a passion…writing, artwork and ghost hunting. I may not be able to get around as fast as my younger teammates, but I love what I do, and that’s what counts.

  • Invading the Kingdom of Darkness 2

    Invading The Kingdom of Darkness: Revised and Expanded Second Edition Volume 2

    Invading The Kingdom Of Darkness and The Power Of Prophetic Prayer. This book offers practical teaching to arm, strengthen, deepen, and sharpen your prayer life. It serves as compass to navigate misconception of spiritual warfare and transform the movement of highly intellectual and Self- Satisficed religious churches in America and around the world.

    This book will inspire you to pray until the kingdom of this world becomes the Kingdom of our God.

    About the Author:

    SAMUEL T. PADMORE serves as the founding president of Action Life Ministries International and senior overseer of Casa De Dios. He moves strongly in apostolic and prophetic anointing with
    many signs and wonders and ministered in Africa, United States, and other nations. He is a sought
    after motivational speaker in Leadership and business conferences and many more. Padmore resides with his wife Providencia in Massachusetts.