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    Conversaciones de Adulto

    Se ha encontrado alguna vez en una conversación que va de lado a lado y no sabe porque. Seguro que le ha pasado, a todos nos ha pasado. No importa si ha sido con su conyugue, con sus hijos, amigos, clientes, jefe o empleado. Se encuentra usted perdido porque no sabe que causó el cambio repentino en la conversación.
    Esto es de lo que se trata el libro. “Conversaciones de Adulto” le dará la herramienta para redirigir la conversación o le dará señales para terminarla.
    Mi esperanza es que a través de mis historias, esta herramienta o concepto se pueda transmitir y aplicar en su vida cotidiana. Nada viene fácilmente. Usar esta herramienta de comunicación lleva tiempo y paciencia.

    About the Author
    Durante mis años de escuela secundaria el curso de Tecnología Electrónica fue el que me dio el conocimiento principal para lo que fue el trabajo de mi vida. Luego de la escuela superior, ingresé a la Fuerza Aérea de los Estados Unidos y continué mis estudios en electrónica.
    Luego de la Fuerza Aérea, he trabajado por treinta años para grandes compañías electrónicas las cuales incluyen: Honeywell, IBM, Kodak y Toshiba.
    Observar a mi padre leer durante mis años de crecimiento implantó en mí la curiosidad de saber que había en los libros. Me inculcó el amor por la lectura, así fue como comenzó esta travesía. Comencé a seleccionar libros al azar basados en lo que se encontraba en sus portadas. La mayoría del tiempo los temas de los libros no tenían nada que ver con los títulos, pero tan pronto comenzaba a leer un libro no podía dejarlo por temor de perderme algo importante.
    Mi educación formal viene de la lectura. He leído libros sobre todos los temas que se encuentran bajo el sol.
    Todo lo que necesitamos saber viene de los libros. Construí una terraza para mi casa de tres niveles, cuarenta pies por treinta pies, leyendo un libro llamado “Terrazas 1-2-3”.
    Siempre que veía una biblioteca en la televisión, sabía que mi casa algún día tendría una biblioteca.
    Mi amor por la lectura ha evolucionado hasta el punto donde quiero compartir los temas más importantes con otras personas. Esa es la semilla que le dio nacimiento a este libro.
    Vivo y trabajo en las Islas Vírgenes. Mi esposa y yo hemos estado casados por treinta años y tenemos dos maravillosos hijos. También tengo dos hija y tres nietos de un previo matrimonio.

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    Pockets Presents: The Introduction of Pockettes

    The reason why Melody just laughed it off about the items she bought being magic. She thought Mr. Lee was just making small talk. She finds out later that her pockets really are magic. Mr. Lee could have told her that the pockets were magic. But they’re only magical if the owner’s heart is good and because Melody is good …the pockets are magical. The same way if the owner’s heart has bad intention to do wrong. Then their pockets will have no reaction. They would just be regular old pockets with no meaning. So make your pockets shine and filled them up with good things. Even if you just put a pen in your pocket. You will never know when someone needs something to write with. They may not need one today. But, you are doing good because you are putting good and useful things in your pockets for others. That’s a great way to start

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    Mysticality Doorway

    The creation of the universe is the work of God. And the existence of the one who creates is his own business, nobody needs to ponder his mystery of how he came to be because it can only be revealed by Him. The world needs harmony to bring forth prosperity. You are encouraged to step into the “Mysticality Doorway” to learn the way to ETERNITY and all the good things of life, they come only by Jesus Christ. It is better to hearken to His doctrine than anything else.

    About the Author
    The author of this book is Gerald D. Joseph. I believe that God and Jesus Christ is one. And the holy birth of the Son of our Creator was planned by God and was archived by Angels. What comes out of the mind of God is pure and holy. Our Saviour is a page from the books of Heaven who thought Humanity the righteousness of God, he is fully qualified to reign Heaven and Earth.

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    Flowers, Butterflies and Bees

    An interesting and unique take on Nature as a whole, with some great imagery. It describes the life cycle of flowers, as well as that of butterflies. It appeals to toddlers and beginning readers, while it’s charming enough to also appeal to adults reading it to younger children.

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    A Personal Testimony

    Psalm 23 is a lyrical masterpiece that exposes the power of relationship. The relationship between Shepherd and sheep shows how David feels as he speaks about God as his Shepherd.
    A Personal Testimony is a practical, transparent, and encouraging guide to the relationship dynamic. In in you’ll learn:
    • He Guides Us.
    • He Guards Us.
    • He Guarantees Us.

    Gain knowledge of what the Shepherd does for the sheep.

    About the Author
    H BERNARD YOUNG Sr. is the senior pastor of the Thankful Baptist Church in Rome, Ga. He is the founder of Relevant Rhema Ministries and author of the book Bridging the Gap.

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    THE BALLAD OF WEESATCH: The Barefoot Bounty Hunter

    In a period which served as a precursor to the Wild West, the rebellious Weesatch Sixsmith rode into the Republic of Texas with his bounty hunting partner, and fellow ex-Dragon, Wendell Sykes. As they attempt to settle into the newly established territory, they discover that this is a land to which many other misfits and outlaws are drawn. With the help of a colorful host of characters, including a discrete Voodoo priestess, a sly card shark, and a half Irish Comanche chief with a penchant for show and tell, the bounty hunters hazard into second guessing a maniacal killer marauding his way towards the border. In a chaotic chain of events, the situation becomes tense and dire. Will they bring this ruthless roustabout to justice? And if so, will it be before he wreaks unfathomable havoc for those in his path?

    About the Author
    Randall C. Von Hartman has written several books of poetry and prose, short fiction, and novels. As a free-thinking, misanthropic outcast, he is proud of having paid his own way through the five different colleges/universities he has attended (although he is a staunch supporter of education being provided by the state), and he absolutely hates the pretentiousness and poposity that typically results from so much schooling. Unable to stay put for too long, he is a traveler and currently resides somewhere on the globe…this much we know.

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    Making Monsters: First Man Adam

    When Adam Street arrives in the small desert town of Burgundy on his Harley, he likes it and decides to stay. It seems as good a place as any to try to escape his past. Adam is the result of a secret government-run genetic experiment. He was born to the world with some rare qualities; among them supernatural strength and speed, including heightened natural senses. When he was old enough to understand that his purpose in life was to take lives, he wanted no part of it and escaped the scientific c facility (The Campus) that held him. As Adam establishes himself in Burgundy, he begins to build a new life, with new purpose, and good friends. But his creators want him back and will stop at nothing to regain their investment, sending an elite team of agents to retrieve him. The townspeople have other ideas and are willing to fight to see that he remains at liberty. In this novel, a genetically engineered being with exceptional powers wants to live a normal life. He settles in a small town of good people in hopes of building a new life – until his creators track him down.

    About the Author
    David Franklin Tibbetts went to Brigham Young University and Utah Valley Community College (now Utah Valley University). He graduated with an Associate’s Degree in Theatre Studies from UVCC. He went on to the University of Utah, where he earned his Bachelor of Arts Degree in the performing arts (Theatre Studies). He is the author of many unpublished short stories and screen plays and has begun several novels, and sequels to Making Monsters, which he hopes to have published soon. David lives with his beautiful wife, Sue, in the small town of Tremonton, Utah, where they spend most of their summer in the saddle of a Harley-Davidson.

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    PURSUIT OF WISDOM: The Quest for Truth, Understanding, Goodness, Justice, Beauty & Love

    The purpose of the Pursuit of Wisdom is the search for transcendent truth, in order to find goodness/ justice, and perfect beauty. Faith and Reason are also essential especially when somethings is not fathomable. The end objective of all wisdom is to find Perfect Love. Reviewed By Rabia Tanveer for Readers’ Favorite Review Rating: 5-Stars – Congratulations on your 5-star review! Pursuit of Wisdom by Robert T. Fertig is a book about finding the truth in everything that surrounds us. We all want acceptance and unconditional love; we crave it and it is in our most basic nature. However, we are also curious by nature, which is the reason why we need to know and understand the meaning behind the most common things in life. From understanding the “truth” of cultural change, climate change and even how or if we can live together as a community, these are the questions that we ask ourselves every day. The author talks about how these truths are important, how they are necessary for us to build a community, build trust and understand what it takes to accept every human being as a valuable addition to the community. The author shares his thoughts about his general understanding of what truth is, what is goodness, what exactly is justice and how every basic need of humans comes down to finding the most objective answer to their questions. Everything has a “truth” and if you understand that, you can understand everything else. This is the beginning of an awakening that the author believes every reader should have. I have immense respect for the author for conveying such a complicated idea in such a simple yet eloquent way. He had control over the narrative, he had a flow in mind and he executed it perfectly. I enjoyed the fact that the author didn’t force anything on the reader; he just laid out his ideas and his thoughts on the pages and gave it to the reader to make whatever they want with it. This is enlightening and educational at the same time.

    About the Author
    Robert Thomas Fertig is a veteran of the USAF. At Columbia University Graduate Physics Lab, he was responsible for setting up experiments for graduate students. At General Electric, he taught computer programming. At Sperry Univac, Mr. Fertig was a Competitive Analyst. He later became Vice President of Advanced Computer Techniques Corporation. Robert established Enterprise Information Systems, Inc., an IT Consulting Firm, in Greenwich, CT. Mr. Fertig is the author or co-author of eleven books (and two screenplays): Guardianship Realities, Middle-East Quicksand (novel), Consequences, Culture Battles, Beauty and Wonder of Transcendent Truths, Guide to Universal Truths, Software Revolution, and Best Interests of the Children, Miraculous, and Pursuit of Wisdom. For five years, Robert and his spouse Miriam, were volunteers with Guardian ad Litem. During the last five years Mr. Fertig was an Eldercare Guardian, in Pinellas County, Florida.

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    Economic Evangelism

    There are literally all types of evangelism strategies and all are effective. If any strategy wins one person for christ, it's effective.
    I believe and admonish christians to use all types and strategies of evangelism to reach the lost.