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    What’s My Job?: Little Max Learns a Big Idea

    Max Diaz turned five years old, and his curious mind has questions. He ambles through his Saturday with mother and sisters noticing happy people performing tasks of serving frozen yogurt; displaying Italian bakery goods; running restaurants; and styling hair.! What lesson does Max learn?

    About the Author:
    Dr. Sue Augustine is the author of, The Hungry Brain’s Nutrition Cognition Connection, Attention Deficient Disorder; What we know and what we can do, Tools for the Cooperative Classroom. The first time illustrator has written for teachers parents and now children. Over the years she has taught children and adults of all ages and enjoys: writing, painting, gardening, cooking healthful recipes, playing tennis, and traveling. She lives with her husband Bill and their two cats.

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    Hidden Treasures

    Everyone is looking for a bargain nowadays. People go to yard sales auctions and flea markets wanting ti discover something of value. One of the greatest treasures we have is the Bible. There are wonderful truths buried in the pages of his book that will help us discover our worth and value.

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    Memoirs: The Legacy of a Professional Football Player

    The primary characters of this book are my Mom and Dad, My Mom’s parents, Mr. Willie and Lonnie Magee, My Dad’s parents, Mr. Joe and Augustine Jefferson, my four siblings This book shares many of my adolescent into adulthood experiences, while growing up in the cities of Baton Rouge, Lake Charles, Louisiana. As well as Houston, Texas and Denver, Colorado. Many people have asked “How and when did I decide to sit down and put pencil to paper?” Well, it was set in motion by one single telephone call from Matthew Bonnette, SID, with McNeese State University in 2014.

    About the Author:
    Charles Ray Jefferson was born May 5, 1957, in New Orleans, Louisiana. He was raised in Baton Rouge. He is the third child of Saymon and Arcenia Jefferson, Sr. He was educated in the east Baton Rouge parish public school system where he attended Reddy Elementary, McKinley Junior High School, Istrouma Junior High School and graduated from Capital Senior High School. Early during his high school years his skill as an effective defensive back, would quickly be cut short by a right ankle fracture during a jamboree football game. To the best of his recollection this was a practice game which lasted approximately twenty to thirty minutes. (Imagine that !) Special thanks to coach Roman Bates, II, who spoke and reached out to numerous universities around the country, on my behalf, Charles was offered a football scholarship to McNeese State University in 1975 where he studied Radio Television, and Education. During his four-year collegiate career, Charles played in the first ever Independence-Bowl in Shreveport, Louisiana in 1976, finished with twenty career interceptions to his credit, became a three-time All SLC (Southland Conference) defensive back and earned Honorable Mention All-American with three different sporting magazines. In the Spring of 1979, Charles was drafted by the Denver Broncos in the fourth-round, becoming the First African American football player from McNeese State University, to be drafted to play in the National Football League (NFL). Charles, went on to enjoy three years with the Denver Broncos and Houston Oilers. After Charles, pro-football career ended, he returned home to Baton Rouge, Louisiana where he worked for Leon Picard Chevrolet as a new car sales person for approximately 1.5 years. Next, he ventured out to try his hand in a different career as a courier/salesperson with Emery Worldwide Courier Service for approximately three years and embarked on a new job career with Fisher Service Company as an Instrument Control Valve Technician for twenty years. Again, the time had come for Charles to move on. This time he would except a job with Westgate Instrumentation and Electrical Group at Dow Chemical in Plaquemine, Louisiana as a Gas Monitor/ PH-Water Treatment Technician for 3.5 years. Afterwards Charles, was fortunate enough to return to something he had enjoyed some twenty years earlier. In September of 2012, Charles became employed with Satsuma Controls and Valves as a Control Valve Technician. After, four years with Satsuma, Charles resigned due to a medical condition. Then one summer day afternoon, some thirty-five years, since finishing his career at McNeese State. Charles, received a telephone call informing him that he had been nominated for induction into the McNeese State University Football Hall of Fame Class of 2014. Charles, also learned that he had been named to the SLC’s 1970 All-Decade Football Team. Later he would learn he had been named to the ALL- 75th Defensive Back Team.
    So it’s now 2017. Charles is retired due to a medical condition called pulmonary embolism. However, it hasn’t kept him from pursuing his next ventures. As author/Researcher, and songwriter, I must admit I like it! Writing that is. So as to time passes, I will continue to define my legacy in my Lord and Savior (Jesus). Amen!!!

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    Dedicated to all my family members (birth & blended), friends, and most of all to my hubby Jeff, who was a good listener as I read to him out loud. It is my hope that children everywhere will read this book, or have it read to them, and find the wonder of a turtle who captured the hearts of a family.

    About the Author:
    Lives in Wabash, IN, the first electrically lighted city in the world. She is also a caregiver for seniors, assisting them with various tasks in their homes. She Loves nature's living things and grows an herb garden in her backyard.

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    A Special Christmas for Baby Glen

    SHIRLEY JORDAN is the youngest of seven children. She is a mother of four, three boys and one girl and a grandmother to five. She was born and raised in Houston, Texas and always puts her family first.

    Shirley is truly an entrepreneur, owning and operating a haircutting salon for children for ten years. She absolutely adores children.

    Shirley loves writing children‛s books because she says, “Children don‛t judge whether or not the pictures are perfect.” Shirley has no enemies and everyone falls in love with her smile. Her smile reflects her true heart and natural beauty. She loves to make people laugh, believing that laughter is good for the heart and it helps to release stress.

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    Crotch Thinking: A Memoir of Lust & Damage

    Crotch Thinking is the story of one baby boomer’s sexuality from his third year to his seventieth.
    Repression, hormones, and cultural forces led to a shotgun marriage and two daughters he adored and abandoned for a second, trophy wife. Passionate pleasure with her obscured the permanent pain brought on by her alcohol and drug addictions and his codependence. Then, the joy of their son’s open adoption was overshadowed by failed treatment attempts and professional ruin. After six decades he learned the difference between lust and love, but not in time to save his children from alcoholism, depression, obesity, and inability to trust. From this life millennial men can learn to reflect on their sexuality and communicate openly about it.

    About the Author:
    David Thomas is the pen name of a retired communication professor happily living with his third wife in the Midwest.

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    Pilgrimage to Discipleship: A Guide to the Spiritual Exercises of Ignatius Loyola

    This book is a guide to the Spiritual Exercises of Ignatius Loyola. It is intended to assist a person on unique Christian Spiritual Pilgrimage of faith. Applying insights of contemporary psychology and insights of one of the great masters of Christian Spirituality, the reader is introduced to the five distinct movements of Christian spiritual living. Topics covered include understanding human brokenness, encountering Jesus of Nazareth and the Christ of Christian worship, coming to grips with human suffering and redemption, living with resurrection hope and accepting the gift of the Holy Breath of God, rules for discernment and election. Playing an active role in finding a spiritual companion and experiencing the benefits of ongoing spiritual direction is discussed.

    About the Author:
    Julius M. Rogina, Ph.D., ABMPP is a licensed clinical psychologist and a priest in the Episcopal Church, Diocese of Nevada. He has worked in inpatient and outpatient clinical settings for the last forty years. He assists Christian Communities with conflict resolutions and discernment process. He has taught in several Universities in the field of psychology and spirituality. The current faculty position with the Medical School, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences involves him with a psychiatry residency program in the supervision of psychotherapy. His teachings and writings focus on the integration of Psychology and Christian Spirituality. As a former Jesuit priest and now Episcopal priest, he brings a Christian spiritual dimension to his clinical practice and writings. He and his family reside in Reno, Nevada.

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    Ms. Lavender Periwinkle and the Bully

    Ms. Periwinkle is a daycare owner who teaches core values to her participants. She spins a story with significant moral lessons. When she encounters a bully at her daycare she leaps at the chance to show the bully the error of their ways. Bullying is a dilemma that consumes our schools and society. If the subject is addressed at a young age we can eradicate it from our world. Children learn by example and Ms. Periwinkle discusses subjects that tackle these issues in her books. Read “Ms. Lavender Periwinkle and the Bully” and see how she approaches the topic.

    About the Author:
    Michelle Allen hails from Los Angeles but has resided in Seattle for over forty years. Professionally, Michelle was a Head Start teacher, a Recreational Leader and owned and operated her own daycare. Michelle loves animals, especially dogs and horses. She is an avid reader and loves photography.

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    An epic war between Good and Evil. . . with no neutral ground. REVERSE EDUCATION’S LIES fill every classroom, every court room, every newsroom. As its hatred infects politicians and corrupts kingdoms, the dreadful Miss Redmund even tries to spy on parents, to take away their Bibles and destroy the innocent—in body and soul. The people of once-idyllic land of Yeshurun now face off in a war of ideas, risking their lives to defend their faith. Nola’s headlights revealed a group of unruly students blocking her driveway, shouting, “Abortion! Our choice!” Suddenly a bearded face appeared at her window.Thinking to shove him away, she pushed open the car door, just a crack. But the ruffian wasn’t budging.

    About the Author:
    C.A. DAVIDSON grew up during the Cold War era, so she writes about the deadly assault on the Judeo-Christian culture that she has seen for herself. Her deep love of faith, family, and freedom has inspired the creation of the Birthright Covenant trilogy. Her mission is to help parents recapture, restore and transmit the biblical values that are heart and soul of Western Civilization, and that are key to the very survival of liberty for rising and future generations. Contact Author at birthrightcovenant.com

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    the JOURNEY: Pursuing the Path to Your Promise

    The Journey: Pursuing the Path to Your Promise provides you with the tools to discover and embrace your place of promise. Author Dr. Joan Whittaker maneuvers through the dynamics of this challenging process that polishes us for an illustrious future. Each of us have to face certain obstacles and overcome various tests and trials during our journeys in life in order to arrive at the greatness we were predestinated for. Dr. Joan underscores the fact that this journey is never meant to destroy us but to develop us for our destiny. Dr. Joan utilizes experiences from her personal journey and also the Exodus and journey of the Hebrews in order to provide insight into our everyday experiences and stops along the way in our personal journeys.