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    You too can live to be a Hundred

    We have not organized names, places, and pictures to be in any specific order, but have chosen names, such as Dr. Cooley, Dr. Cooley’s daughter, Alan Flager, and Henry Tejano to be leading

    Several pages of extra space were allocated to my dear friends, Russell Ybarra, Heather McKeon, and Chris Kase.

    I have spent many hours in assembling the material for my book. The readers of my book will get to know many of the leading names in my book.

    There is not any author that can assemble any book he has written without some professional assistance, so I am grateful and indebted to Joe Diouf for the hours he has given me in typing many of the pages, and correcting my grammatical mistakes, I say “THANK YOU”.

    Joe Diouf is the Operations Manager at Bayou Bend Towers.

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    The Trauer Complex

    Randolf Servige a professor of English comes across the body of his colleague and with the assistance of an unorthodox psychiatrist Dr. Leopold Trauer sets out to find the killer. The novel is a satire on academia and psychiatry.

    About the Author:
    Stanley Nass has been a professor for 30 year at a New York City University. He is the author of 5 books in psychology including his best seller Turn Your Life Around. He has advance degrees from New York University and Columbia University.

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    The Caged Princess

    The Caged Princess is a fairy tale meant to give an illustration for the basic teachings of Christian salvation. A princess (a.k.a fallen man) needs to be rescued from an evil dragon; but, rather like most fairy tales, the princess isn’t just swept off her feet to safety. Instead she is given the power, tools, and ability to overcome and defeat her enemy by the sacrifice of her prince. Basically, this is the message of the cross and resurrection of Christ. God doesn’t just fight for us He strengthens our arms for battle. The princess transforms from a beaten, worn, hopeless, and helpless victim to a mighty overcomer. Sometimes we feel helpless against our own personal demons and we need a reminder that it is God who enables us to do more than we could ever hope or imagine.

    About the Author:

    So, here’s a little about myself. I love my God, my family, and my home. I was taught about Jesus growing up and met Him at the age of ten. Since then I’ve had moments of strengths, weakness, and failure; but He has always been faithful and never disappointed me. I’ve been blessed with a husband and children; each of which is a game changer. Seriously, I always considered myself a child/parenting expert; until I had kids. I just want to apologize to every parent I have ever judged; you now have my empathy. Still, the love and acceptance I get from my children is beyond expected. Even in moments of ups and downs they are gifts. Growing up, my home was wherever the military sent us. I went to four different High Schools in four different states. I’ve also lived in Iceland and Okinawa. Still, South Carolina was our home away from home. It is my beloved Palmetto State. Well, there it is in a paragraph. Hope y’all enjoyed the story.

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    Raising Mario Twice: The Journey Continues

    This is the true story of one family’s heartfelt encounter with a tragic event. It is also a guide on how to survive the medical system and navigate through the stresses of a long-term recovery.

    On August 8, 2002, at the age of eighteen Mario Scharmer sustained a traumatic brain injury from an auto crash. The doctors put Mario in an induced coma for twenty-one days. It was not expected that he would live. Many people prayed for Mario and his family and even though Mario lived he was in a persistent vegetative state for another one hundred forty-one days. Doctors did not expect Mario to have any meaningful recovery. He came home quadriplegic. He wore diapers, couldn’t talk, walk, eat, or move. The first few years of taking care of Mario were extremely challenging. It has been a difficult journey, but neuron by neuron Mario has kept improving.

    After seventeen years Mario is still severely disabled, but living a happy, productive life. He is very active in his local community and continues to inspire others through his love and art.

    [email protected]

    About the Author:

    Christine Scharmer is a retired elementary school teacher, healer, care provider and inspirational speaker. She has been helping her disabled son with his recovery for seventeen years. She is committed to helping her son Mario with his mission to heal the world. She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband Mark. Her oldest son Miguel is a registered nurse and poet.

  • Spiritual Communication_cov

    Emotional Hand Signs

    There’s another world that exist under hand movements. A world from non-material energy where spirits habitate. Hidden beings within humans that use telepathy and signs for communication. I Jonathan Spellman was able to communicate with them even through television after being zapped by George Walker Bush Jr. in the form of kinetic energy 5 miles away from the U.S. military naval base. It stated he was George Bush in the form of kinetic energy and wherever power excites I can be there within a street light pole, car battery, or even your body. He connected with my mental and vision abilities. I was able to see hands wave a form of communication and hear by telepathy. I made a report to the U.S. military that I’ve been kinetic zapped and faces appeared on a wall as something to open, but they would only acknowledge it. I decided to do a study project with freelance doctors through Kolabtree and had it logically checked by Editage scientific team. Together we developed a form of communication with spirits and opened the faces on a wall that are shaped as the five major human races. Each face characteristics give a description of their race. We will unveil the spirits from a cultural aspect throughout historical and modern-day times. Enjoy!

    About the Author:

    Jonathan Spellman studied at Norfolk State University USA (Building Technology) Collaborated with Dr. Jessica Livingston a molecule biologist from London UK. Who works at Sinai hospital in United Kingdom and studied at Universidad de Buenos Aires PHD (Biochemistry). Dr. Nupur Biswas a nano technology expert from India studied at Saha Institution of Nuclear Physics PHD (Surface Physic and Material Science). Professor James at New York University USA Studied at New York University PHD (American Studies). We united from around the world to make this book happen.

  • Miraculous_cov


    During World War II, this “Child of Miracles” gives hope to thousands of Marines during some of the deadliest battles in the Pacific.

    The story opens with fierce battles raging between the Japanese and Marines for control of Henderson airfield on Guadalcanal. During these battles, natives on the island find a wounded child of six in the jungle. Padre’s prayer vigil brings her back from near-death. He coincidentally names her “Patsy Li.”

    The saga then takes us back to early 1942, where a child is fleeing from Singapore with her mother aboard a crowded evacuation ship. Suddenly the ship sinks. Separated and set adrift in treacherous waters, mother and child survive. The mother never gives up the search for her child.

    Many years later, a reunification meeting of Patsy at the orphanage with her possible mother. When all seems lost, unexpected evidence appears that suggests that Patsy might indeed be her long lost child.

    They both become U.S. citizens with the help of Padre’s official contacts. Patsy Li ultimately overcomes her traumatic experiences, until a later DNA test changes everything—or does it?

    Captain Rev. Frederic P. Gehring was the First Naval Chaplain to receive the Legion of Merit Medal from the President of United States, and the Presidential Unit Citation, for his heroic work on Guadalcanal.

    About the Author:

    After receiving an honorable discharge from the USAF, in the mid-1950s, Robert Thomas Fertig worked at the Columbia University Physics Lab, setting up experiments for graduate-level students. Soon thereafter, he became an Information Technology travelling instructor for General Electric.

    He later joined Sperry Univac, as Competitive Analyst, where he created the popular Corporate Newsletter, “Industry Measures.” Fertig then moved to Advanced Computer Techniques, as Vice President of the Technology Analysis Group. Subsequently, he founded Enterprise Information Systems, as President.

    Robert T. Fertig is the author and/or co-author of ten books. His more recent works include Guardianship Reality, Consequences, Culture Battles, Middle East Quicksand (a novel and possible future TV series), and Best Interests of the Children. Mr. Fertig also spent a total of ten years as Guardian ad Litem volunteer and Eldercare.

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    yes, I do exist

    It is quite likely that this is the most unbelievable true story you will ever read. At its core, this book is a factual and historical account of a very important discovery that was never shared with the world – one that changed previously established and accepted benchmarks of human abilities.

    It is time this story was told. In 1990, the entire defense system of the United States was completely shut down by a Navy enlistee and a pencil. Authorities accused this man of being a foreign military spy. They perceived him to be an alien hybrid or time traveler, simply because of his unbelievable abilities and attributes. An engaging journey of experiences and challenges that may benefit the reader, a testament to perseverance and determination.

    This story may read like a spy novel, or perhaps science fiction . . . but it is not.

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    Money Scraps

    Money Scraps’ is about living on the edge trying to make about 15 dollars a day doing odd things that improve your overall well being.Going thru some of the steps to ensure success.Different ways of doing things.

    About the Author:

    Having come from the UK as a baby ,growing up in BC and Albeta. Attending school in New Westminster.Later living multiple times in Europe and Mexico learning the many different aspects of the culture.It has given me insight into the work I do today.

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    The Zip Line Muders: Honey Samson Series 2

    As Honey did her research to find the “Zip Line Killer” and trying to find a local “Mystery man.” Not knowing they were one in the same. Honey used everything she could imagine in both searches.

    And to use the kids in that neighborhood. It brings to mind “The Little Rascals”. Slowly fitting all the pieces together, and then finding out her best friend was in a romantic relationship with one that turned out to be the same.

    With two attempts on her life, Honey was more determined than ever to find and stop him.

    About the Author:

    The author, Danny as he likes to be called. First of all he is a retired Firefighter. And second a jack of many other skills. He is the father of three beautiful children. And now the great grandpa of 8. This is the second of the “Honey Samson Series”. And of which I might add is now working on number 3.

    Danny and his wonderful wife live in California with their 2 kids, a 2 year old Siberian Husky named Buddy and a 10 year old Terrier mix named Chance.

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    Rolling Out the Plan of Salvation: A Study in Leviticus

    Rolling out the Plan of Salvation: A Study in Leviticus is the only in-depth individual or small group study guide available on Leviticus.

    The participant learns to understand not only the different sacrifices but also the order in which each had to be presented and why the order was crucial.

    If the leader choose to use the suggested guide in the back of the book, the participants will get a sensory challenge to better understand “an aroma pleasing to the LORD.”
    Participants have five short daily lessons to complete each week. Answers to the questions are located in the back of the book to ensure the teachable moment is not missed during the time of study.

    Leviticus teaches God’s people how to become a holy nation of priests who can come before a holy God without fear. Maybe the most exciting outcome is the increased understanding of the many passages in both the Old and New Testaments that mention the various offerings. Suddenly, those passages have added meaning and become more endeared to the reader.

    About the Author:

    Shirley is the wife of Max and mother of two adult children, Letha and Thomas. Recently, she retired from a career as a medical auditor and clinical laboratory consultant. Reared in a Christian home, Shirley’s parents, Garner and Jean Baker, enjoyed more than 60 wonderful years of marriage, as did her maternal grandparents.