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    An Easter People: Inspirational Poems for Personal Reflection and Prayer

    About the Book
    Poetry is an evolving art. Twenty-five to thirty of the current poems are modifications of poems from his first poetry book: The Blood Of His Love (2003). This current compilation of poems, entitled: An Easter People is a labour of love. Like his hockey career, which he began in the seminary at the age of 21, he only began writing poetry seriously as a priest in his early 40’s. This compilation of 185 poems covers a multitude of styles and approaches and is a culmination of nearly 20 years of writing. Currently, his focus is on faith base poetry for personal reflection and prayer. The author has been inspired by his prayer life, spiritual reading and the internet. Many of the ideas of his poems are influenced by the Bible and the writings and spiritual life of others. Over the years, by God’s grace, he have come to the realization that poetry is more than rhyming. Poetry is speaking from the heart.

    About the Author
    R.J. Hétu, better known to many as Père Robert or Father Robert, is pastor of the four Catholic French language parishes in the Niagara Region in Ontario (Welland, St. Catharines, Port Colborne and Niagara Falls). R.J. was born and raised in Hamilton, Ontario. On May 10th, 1986, he was ordained a priest for the Diocese of Hamilton in Canada. Fr. Robert was recently elected Dean of Welland.
    He wrote his first poem on retreat in 1998 and second for a radio contest in early 2000. Since winning free concert tickets, he has not stopped writing poetry. Today, he mostly writes faith based poetry.
    Fr. Robert is a long-time member of the editorial committee of Your Bread of Life magazine. He recently was appointed assistant editor. He regularly contributes articles and poems to the magazine. He also served as a Catholic School Board trustee for over 17 years. He has been a member of the Knights of Columbus for 40 years.
    R.J. also enjoys dabbling in photography, acting in community theatre, tending goal in oldtimers’ hockey and playing tennis. He hopes, one day soon, to learn to read music and to play the piano.

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    Lincoln Goes to Washington

    About the Book
    Excitement is brewing at the local elementary school. The Disc Jockey, Cardiac Carter of WLNC radio, is hosting a competition for four local students and their parents to take place in Washington D.C. Students are randomly chosen to participate in a Patriotic Scavenger Hunt with all expenses paid for the contestants and the grand prize being $1500 cash. Read about who gets chosen and the adventures and misadventures which happen along the way.

    About the Author
    Debra G. Watts is a retired teacher who presently resides in the small community of Harrodsburg located in the Bluegrass region of Kentucky. She has authored a music teaching guide entitled “Listening Guides for America’s Greatest Musicals” and written and illustrated 2 children’s picture books “CARter CAR and his Wild and CARazy Birthday” and “Jude the Dude”. Currently, Debra is an MAT (Masters of Arts in Teaching) Supervisor for the University of the Cumberlands where she mentors Practicum and Student Teachers. She loves writing strong, positive characters who become role models for children. She takes writing stories very seriously trying to teach a moral through each one. The lead characters in her stories are named after children she knows.

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    Convertirme en alguien: Fragmentos de mi vida

    About the Book
    Amy, el personaje principal de la historia, deja la casa de su padre para embarcarse en su aventura para asistir a la escuela en Los Ángeles. Amy trabaja para mantenerse a sí misma encontrando obstáculos en el camino, nunca abandona sus sueños.

    Llamada la más exitosa en su clase de graduación, Amy se va para completar el requisito de pasantía en una clínica dirigida por el Dr. Brett Zuk.

    Ella es instantáneamente ella queda impresionada de el por su buena apariencia y su encantadora personalidad. La química entre cada uno de ellos es evidente: ella se da cuenta de que sus ojos siempre miran hacia ella.

    Los sentimientos de Amy comenzaron a causar una ruptura entre ella y su mejor amiga. Lana, celosa comienza a destruir el romance de Amy.

    About the Author
    “Norma Madrigal nació en México, y actualmente vive en California.
    Pasatiempo favorito, escribir novelas, poemas, escuchar música instrumental.

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    Ramblings 2.0

    About the Book
    By infusing my art with my words, like lyrics to music, I’ve literally given you a piece of me on each
    and every page! In my life, I’ve learned a lot and I wouldn’t change a thing. It is my prayer that you’ve
    been enlightened!”

    About the Author
    “Wendy “RojoLoco” Rhodes
    Native Texan from Dallas!
    Where did “Rojo Loco” come from? Christopher Carcerano, my former acting teacher, christened me with it in 2004! I’m the mother of two grown sons and the grandmother of two grandsons! I’m a writer, a published author, radio personality, producer, caregiver, A&R, promoter, actress, model, play-write, and as of late, I paint and sketch! I’ve always been passionate about art; that passion was reignited when my baby boy battled Cancer and WON! I’m EVERY Woman…constantly EVOLVING!

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    Seven Years of Tribulation: Results of False Allegations

    About the Book
    Born on the island of Grenada in the West Indies, the author served both as a commissioned and non-commissioned officer in the United States Military. The author served in the U.S. Army, the U.S. Army Reserve, and the Army National Guard.

    After the author’s first tour of duty in the U.S. Army (Active Duty), he began his college career. He earned an Associates degree, a Bachelor’s degree, a Master’s degree, a Law degree, and has completed all requirements, except his dissertation, fora PhD.

    The author has already written books, but this is the author’s first published book. The author’s intent is to publish a book approximately every six months for the next two or three years.

    It is the author’s sincere hope and wish that the readers would be enlightened by the content of this book and all of his future books.

    The author is licensed to practice law in the State of New York, the State of New Jersey, the State of Connecticut and the State of Nebraska.

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    Across 116th Street With King Cody

    About the Book
    This was the beginning of a new Era for King Cody of New York City, by way of South Carolina. A written documentary of a person who lived every moment of his life satisfying his ego of fancy living in high balling nights with gold, diamonds and money around the United States freestyling with the women of his dreams. He lived a life of a millionaire ‘On Top Of The World.’ The shine of his personality glittered more than the gold and the diamonds he wore. Three bottles of Dom Perignon in the parlaying of a night was the least of his troubles that caused the darkness of an up and down life. He was the first hip-hop gangsta of the 70s to the end of the nineties. Promoting music, operating nightclubs, and running clothing stores, while running the streets of New York City to the streets of South Carolina. No limits were his attitude toward the money and the women of his life. Fast living and easy living caused his demise, but the shifting of life with redemption left no option

    About the Author
    Robert E. Harris is a compassionate writer, who loves to inspire and teach hope in stories that reveal the greatness in everyone, big or small. He writes briskly through thorough information that sparks the imagination in an entertaining way. Robert writes with rich detail intriguing in anecdotal information. He has ventured in various genres such as women fiction, children books, commercial fiction, and historical fiction.

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    Growing Wings

    About the Author
    “Mein Name ist Corinna Montgomery,ich wurde
    1962 in Ost Deutschland, in der Stadt Jena, geboren.
    1968 wurde ich eingeschult und erhielt meine
    Abschluss 1978. Danach ging ich zur Berufsschule
    um den Beruf der Schneiderin zuerlernen. Ich
    konnte diese Lehre nicht abschliessen, da meine Familie verhaftet
    wurde. Der Grund für unsere Festnahme war, versuchte Republikfl ucht
    nach West Deutschland. Dies gescharr im Juli 1979.
    1981 wurden meinen Eltern und ich in die Bundesrepulik West
    Deutland entlassen.
    1999 siedelte ich über nach Amerika, zu der Zeit hatte ich bereite 2 Söhne.
    Mein Buch enthält die mächtige Geschichte meines Lebens. Ich bin
    froh das ich überlebt habe um meine Geschichte zu erzählen und hoff e
    das ich den Menschen damit Augen öff nen kann.Da wir in ungewissen
    Zeiten leben und verstehen sollten, das uns die Freiheit nicht für
    umsonst gegeben wird.
    Ich bin dankbar für was ich erreicht habe im Leben, doch mein Kampf
    ist noch nicht zu Ende.”

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    Poetry and short-fiction are, Miss Bostic’s forte. She
    is her own kind of writer. Loving creatures of Nature
    as subjects, and rhyme in her poetry. Ramona
    shares little with Shakespeare, some with Longfello yet she
    shares hardly as much as she would like with our “Beloved,
    Maya AngeLou.” Ramona’s main focus in her literature, is
    the youth and young at heart! Her, “Spring Has Sprung!”,
    “Halo” and “Pest?” are a few of the poems; not to mention,
    her short-fiction, that attest to this! Why don’t you, her many
    readers, from then and now Enter-In & Read On!

    About the Author
    Ramona S. Bostic

    Born November 24, 1948. Was raised to her early teens in Worcester, Massachusetts.

    Miss Bostic relocated to Columbia, South Carolina, do to her Father’s line of work.

    She enlisted in the United States Air Force, after graduating from C.A. Johnson High School, with Honors!

    Now, a resident or should I say, “”a Floridian””, since 1988. Ramona has been a journey through life. This has added some expertise toher desire to be a writer.

    This novice authoress, is delighted to admit, “”Life begins at 60″”.

    Her fancies are: nature, meeting people, music and the thought of Romance…

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    Nordic Runes: Their esoteric meaning. And context.

    The Nordic runes are taken off an ancient model for the structure of an Indo-European's mind. It is called Yggdrasil. That model was known to the ancient Greek philosophers, it underlies Gnosticism and Alchemy and it is consistent with Yoga and Hinduism. The common factor is that all of these peoples were Indo-Europeans. Explaining this model and the esoteric meaning of the runes is the principle purpose of this book. It also puts the runes' development into their historical context. The contemporary importance of this model is that it underlies Carl Jung's work in psychology, and also tells how to reach the highest level of person development.

    About the Author
    My ancestors were of English and Danish origins Consequently, they were Pagans for many generations, So, if ancestral memory exist, I may have them. Nevertheless, they were in North America since colonial times and I was raised an Episcopalian in a family that was of that denomination for many generations. So, I have strong conscious connections to the Anglo-American, English, and enlightenment traditions. My professional training was in biology, statistics and modeling and my job experience has been in consulting mostly on biology-related public policy issues. I have written one book on history and many reports on public policy issues.

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    INTEGRATING DIPLOMACY IN SEARCH OF HUMANITY: A personal biography, experience in community and Humanitarian work

    This book is a real testimony of my life experiences and career journey. It is about a humble life fulfilled by desire to serve and change the living standards of the underprivileged and conflict weary people of South Sudan. The book is segregated into four parts.

    Part one that is further divided into four chapters that dwell on the initial life experience in Kenya and Australia as a refugee and how it contributed to my resolve to take a career path in Community service.

    Part two that also comprise of four chapters carries personal background; experiences in Kenya, about my life and community work in Australia and South Sudan. It also contains inspiring testimonials of friends and people around me that influenced my early work as humanitarian worker.

    Part three consists of two Chapters and generally divulge more on my engagement in government before and after the crisis of 2013. Sharing the difficult moments for the people of South Sudan.

    The last two chapters in part four of the book is dedicated to my involvement in search of peace and for the people of South Sudan. In Overall, the book is very interesting and made simpler for readers.