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    Primus – One: Dreadnaught

    Several months have passed since the harrowing adventure and near fatal mission to once again save the Earth. Jim Lexington and Primus have been working hard to correct the devastation left behind by Legion and help things on earth return to normal. Now, they become entangled in a deviant and dangerous situation as a new adversary devises a plot to capture the SS Lexington. Jim and his wife, Sarah, along with One and Primus must handle this adversary while an even more sinister and deadly device, left behind by Legion, once again threatens the very existence of earth and the entire solar system. The danger is great and the consequences become even greater, once again leaving it to Jim, Primus and One to correct. But, this time everyone’s survival is not only in great peril in many ways, it is a matter of Time as well!

    About the Author
    Joe D’Aulerio after releasing his first two books in the 5-star epic series of intrigue and adventure, Primus-One, has release this third adventure in this ongoing series. A former KSC employee, Joe loves talking about his days at the Space Center and the biggest point he likes to make is how we can come together and accomplish almost anything if we really set our minds to it, like landing a man on the moon and returning him safely back to earth and yes even authoring a novel also. Joe currently resides with his wife in Central Florida.

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    Women Suffering In Silence

    Women are you tired of suffering with your greatest fears haunting you day and night? Have you tried everything your friends and family have suggested – read a number of books, gone to numerous conferences – and still, things are the same? Women Suffering in Silence will enlighten you, as well as encourage you, to take a stand for yourself. You will be able to walk this walk that Christ has ordained for you to live. After reading this book, you will see that all the cover ups will not be necessary for you to have a healthy, wholesome, full life. You will be able, through the power of the Holy Spirit, to confess your silent pain that is buried deep down inside. The purpose of this book is to encourage women to live the victorious life that Jesus went to the cross for, so that all of his children would be set free from the pain of their mistakes, what others have done to them, and what they have done to others.

    About the Author
    Dr. Loretta Y. Howard is a college graduate and an ordained minister, retired public school teacher, mother, grandmother, and a great grandmother. She loves to see God at work in the lives of His people. She had written and published three books. She is currently working on her fourth book.

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    My Grief, My Experience: Bereavement & Care For The Bereaved

    Human mortality is real and unavoidable. The death of a beloved is an irreparable loss that leaves the bereaved with deep sense of emptiness, emotional crumbliness, speechlessness and confusion. The loss of a beloved can sometimes feel like an earthquake of highest magnitude which shakes up the core of one’s being. Some may feel as though they are faced with spiritual and emotional tsunami. In the wake of this life-changing incident, it is also natural for the bereaved to need support in order to regain some emotional, psychological and spiritual balance of a sort. Understanding the tenets of grief & loss or bereavement will be key to initiating the process of regaining the much-needed foothold. My grief, My Experience provides basic understanding of grief & loss, as well as supportive tools, that can be individualized as one goes through the dark and dreary bereavement road. Accompanying the bereaved on this lonely journey can be quite helpful BUT knowing what NOT to say to the bereaved can be the beginning of caring wisdom. This resource provides tips to supporting the bereaved.

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    MacGonegal’s Zoo: Animalitos from A to Z

    About the Book
    Oaxacan woodcarvings collected by Susan Striker illustrate an alphabet of “animalitos” from A for Armadillo to Z for Zebra. These gaily colored, wildly imaginative and fanciful carvings from southern Mexico delight children as well as adults! author makes the original carvings available to museums and bookstores for exhibit.

    About the Author
    Susan Striker is the author of the best-selling Anti-Colorin Book® series with over one million books in print all over the world. Designed to stimulate creativity and encourage problem solving and critical thinking, the books help children draw their own pictures as well as their own conclusions about life. She also wrote Please Touch® (Simon & Schuster) which teaches parents and educators how to stimulate creativity through movement, music, art and play. Youn at Art® (Henry Holt) is a comprehensive text about the value and significance of early childhood art. That book clearly demonstrates the important link between early scribbles and later literacy. Named Outstanding Elementary Art Educator by_ the Connecticut Art Education Association tn 2008, Sue was recognized for significant contributions to the field of art education. The author taught elementary school art in Greenwich, Connecticut, where she was designated Distinguished Teacher. She has had a long, successful career teaching art to young children, has taught art education methodology to university students and developed art curricula. Susan's Young at Art® curriculum for preschool and kindergarten was awarded Connectictut's Celebration of Excellence for Creativity in the Classroom. She shares her innovative teaching ideas in workshops for parents and teachers in schools and universities all over the country.

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    Take the heat & Stay in the Kitchen: Becoming A Successful Chef

    Take the Heat and Stay in the Kitchen is an engaging how-to book as to the challenging yet rewarding path to becoming a successful chef. It provides wisdom and guidance that aspiring chefs need to keep with them as they evolve throughout their careers. Author, Chef Pambo, even shares some of his experience along his journey to encourage aspiring chefs to stay their course, no matter how hard it gets. Lastly, it gives a refreshing perspective as to what entails true growth as a learner of culinary, professional, and a leader in the industry.

    About the Author:
    Born in 1972 in Libreville, Gabon, Serge Pambo is a French-Gabonese chef and author.
    He attended Domaine du Gue à Tresmes, a culinary school in Meaux, Paris. Throughout his career, he has worked for some of the most celebrated chefs in France and in the United States and made several appearances on The Food Network. He is the former co-owner of Café de Paris in Birmingham, Alabama where he was also a television host. In 2013, he moved to Maryland where he currently resides and now owns Pure Kitchen Culinary Concept, a catering company that also specializes in consulting, wine, cheese, and cooking. Pambo’s ultimate passion aside from cooking is to share his love for his craft and to encourage the future generation of chefs that they can also achieve greatness through their love for culinary.

  • From Grass to Grace_Front

    From Grass to Grace

    From grass to grace is simply talking about my life. It is specifically referring to how I started my life, and what I went through. On the other hand, “In the city of oblivion”, I narrated the story of a boy who lost his parents as a young blind boy, but through much struggle, he became a successful man in life. I also made it clear in the story that destination can change but destiny cannot change. As a matter of fact, in the “Blind leading the seeing”, I asked series of questions about the education of the blind in Nigeria, and I gave answers to them as what to do about the education of the blind to make it meaningful.

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    Based on a true story, “ Time For A Change,” is a Street thriller taking you on trip around the Bay Area. After being acquitted on a murder case, he feels the need to change his ways, but only after trying the streets again, This Time ending up on the other side of the gun. Shot 12 times, David makes a full recovery and finds love and a new way of living. Yet he will learn there is no good way to do wrong. This novel will have you on the edge of you seats from murder, sex, drugs and a loving marriage. Welcome to the world where the good dies young and the only color that matters is green.

    About the Author
    David A Buchanan’s, “ Time For A Change”, is the part two of his first novel Tell Them No Lies, all based on actual events that has happened in his life. Born in 1979, and raised by his mother Princess, and the help of many others, like her aunties, he never had it easy being the eldest of six children ( Jessica, Joshua, Sarah, Isaac, Asia). Growing up in the mean streets of Oakland, California, David has decisions to make at a early age and made a lot of bad ones. Yet it takes a village to raise a child, With the help of family, prayers, and friends, I’m still here on this earth to tell my story.
    First and foremost I want to thank God for all his blessings he has given me and my family. To my dearest mother, I want you to know you could never do wrong in my eyes. You Are and always will be the Queen Of the world. To my loving sister Jessica, who has had my back from day one, you’ve supported me like no other. I love you baby girl I don’t know what I would do without you. In this regard, I want to thank my cousins more like my sisters Shawanna and Vicky I love you guys with everything in me.
    In deep regrets I may not be able to Thank in person but hold you close to my heart, Big Mama, Granny,E.C, Teresa, Dawanzi, LJ, Dougy,Tracey, J.R. All gone too soon but will never be forgotten.
    Last but not least my loving kids David, Damonte, Destiny and Dalaysha. The Mother’s Of my children I love each and everyone of you.
    I cannot close without acknowledging the Murder Dubbs, the hood where it all started showing and giving the game. I inherited determination from streets as well as the true fact “ You Can Love The Streets But They Will Never Love You Back.”

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    Supernatural Collection of Horror Anthologies

    From the bowels of Hell… comes a Supernatural Collection of Horror Anthologies… with abysmal Demonic and Luciferian encounters. This entire eerie den of terror… frights… and the putrid macabre… are bred from the innate fears and phobias that plague our darkest seeds… that lie dormant… in the pitch-black abyss… of our aphotic… pugilistic… and utterly sinister imaginations.

    About the author
    “After serving in the United States Army for 14 years in the Military Intelligence Corps as a 35M, Human Intelligence Collector (Interrogator/Linguist), I was honorably separated from Active Duty for service connected injuries I incurred while on OEF status. Consequently, I am a “”Wounded Warrior Alumni”” and I am proud to be part of the “”Wounded Warrior Project””.

    Using my Post-9/11 G.I. Bill, I earned my Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, graduating CUM LAUDE. Furthermore, my educational achievements include my induction into the following HONOR SOCIETIES: Golden Key International Honor Society, SALUTE Veterans National Honor Society, Sigma Beta Delta International Honor Society for Business and Alpha Sigma Lambda Honor Society.

    Quote: Reality is in the mind of the beholder, whether it is real or supernatural. As a result, the true situation that exists in the perceiver’s state of mind makes the manifestation of sensed events real-life.

  • America Once the united stated Revised Edition_front

    AMERICA: Once the United States? Revised Edition

    A thought provoking work that will have make you laugh and cry. It is in A to ZZ format that will spark your interest with true stories as well the funniest e-mails from years past. You will find this book inspirational and will make you think where America might be heading. It addresses some important topics from today’s current events. You will enjoy the A to ZZ format as you focus on topics of interest to you.

    About the Author:
    Ralph “Pete” Peters is a highly recognized author, trainer and leader around the World in the areas of implementing maintenance and manufacturing best practices, developing effective productivity measurement systems and initiating long term sustainable operational improvement processes. He has also supported both the public and private sectors. His value as a consultant has been enhanced through his direct leadership and profit and loss responsibilities within large maintenance and manufacturing plant operations prior to focusing upon consulting.

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    The Mickey Deegan Poetry Collection

    The book Mickey Deegan’s Poetry Collection is about life, faith, patriotism, people, animals, love and politics as she sees it and lives it. There are poems for everyone and hopefully to enjoy as much as she enjoyed writing them.

    About the Author
    The author Mickey Deegan, is God-loving, patriotic and animal lover. She also loves people and has a great admiration for people who have earned it. Her passion is poetry. She’s inspired to put her words on paper, most of her poems she has lived and describes her well.