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  • Carter Crab

    Carter Crab

    Carter Crab is a fantasy picture book about a bored crab who, in spite of warnings, leaves his easy life and searches for adventure. As Carter takes off, he makes friends with a shrimp family and a very long eel. Together they explore beyond the wavy-weed forest. The ocean is warming up. Food is getting scarce. The sky appears to be a sea full of food if only they could reach it. Perhaps they should visit the strange but delicious-smelling pots that hang down from the surface of the water. Meanwhile, Sam Shark swims around in the shadows, looking for a good meal. How does Carter survive? Or does he?

    About the author:

    Barbara Winther has written 56 one-act plays and four musicals for young people. Besides her books of plays, she wrote and illustrated The Time of the Kachinas. See her website for more information: www.BarbaraWinther.com. She lives with her husband on an island near Seattle.

  • Conversion of a Vicious Roman Centurion - Edior

    Conversion of a Vicious Roman Centurion

    This book is about a vicious Roman Centurion soldier whom was commissioned by the Jewish leaders to travel to various regions and kill or imprison any Christians who were practicing the doctrines of Jesus Christ. But on his way to Damascus, a bright lightning struck him off his horse and when he fell off his horse, a voice instructed him of his new assignment. He was converted into the Christian faith and for this he was no longer useful to the Jews. They captured and put him into prison for persecution.

    Rev. Martin Edior is a native of Trinidad. He has written many other religious issues. He is an anointed minister in the C.O.G.I.C. He likes to pray and lay hands on the sick and afflicted. He is married to a lovely lady from Belize, Central America and is very happy with his marriage life. His lovely wife is his editor.

  • Dr. Love & His Party Girl: Wow!

    Dr. Love & His Party Girl: Wow!

    In New Jersey during the 1980′s, for six years, Dr. Love and his Party Girl gave parties for many different nationalities. Dr. Love, a loving doctor, is older than his Party Girl, but that is part of his charm. He spares no expense entertaining family and friends. His Party Girl does all the work: she cooks, and bakes cakes such as cheese and carrot, which she decorates to the hilt.

    For the most part, she is the entertainer. She dances primarily to Tom Jones Pussy Cat, and Arabic belly dancing. She picks up other dances along the way. In Arabic dancing, she shakes her hips, carries wine on her forehead, and holds a sword on top of her head. She whirls around, causing the audience to be on the edge of their seats.

    While Party Girl is having a ball partying, her teenage son, who is living with his father and step mother, is not doing so well in school. He’s making C’s and D’s. All that his mother can do is to encourage him to do well. They write letters back and forth. And when she sees him weekly, she helps him with his Spanish lessons. Then, graduation comes. Is his mother in woe or in joy? Read and find out.

    As for partying, it is like Dr. Love said, “People want bread and circuses. They work hard for the bread and expect to be well entertained.” That’s why our parties were a big hit. We entertained our guests which brought them back time and time again.

  • Four of My Five Loves

    Four of My Five Loves

    My four grandchildren and great grandson were the inspiration for my books.

    • Butch-Ah-Kay and Me
    • Larry The Leprechaun
    • Danika & Dae
    • Play Day with Dae
  • Dothel W. Edwards, Jr. - front

    God’s Workout Plan to Defeat a Bully at Work

    Christians are called to represent the Jesus Christ in a society that is becoming insensitive and cruel. Satan and his demonic spirits (the enemy) main priority is to use people who do not know Jesus Christ or use those who deny Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior to target you for distraction, deception and ultimately your destruction! Consequently, you will be bullied by those who are being misled by the enemy. Bullying can affect you in many destructive ways. This book will unlock the power of God in you through a workout plan to defeat the bully at work.


    About the author:

    Dr.Dothel W. Edwards, Jr. is a tenured professor in the Department of Rehabilitation Studies in the College of Health Sciences at Alabama State University (ASU). In addition to his full-time faculty responsibilities at ASU, he provides vocational expert witness testimony for the Social Security Administration Office of Hearing Operations (OHO) and works as a Certified Life Care Planner and a certified Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor. Dr. Edwards’ has published and conducted presentations in the areas of interests are quality of life issues among persons with disabilities, professional ethics in vocational rehabilitation, forensic rehabilitation, and workplace bullying.

  • Hate in Those Eyes

    Hate in Those Eyes: Bullying To Die For

    At age 85 I had published my first “Tryist” as an author, “A Cruise To Die For.” I referred to it as my Mini “Novel” covering 50 pages that can be read going up the elevator, great during halftime and easily slid under the door of your neighbor when finished.

    My current work “Voyage to Cryon”, deals with Cryonics, the preservation of humans in ice chambers with the
    hope of resuscitation in the future. A scheduled Anti-Aging Cruise sponsored by the Cosmetic industry changes course to indoctrinate unsuspecting candidates to prospective reincarnation and lasting life.

    My third book “Tunnel Vision” not yet published may be wallet size.

    “What’s it like being 80” is somewhat biographical and a comical relief in accepting yourself being “old”
    and left to the reader to edit his own experiences in this Octogenarian Society, with limited (By attrition) membership. I have recently combined six books, “A Cruise to Die For”, “Tunnel”, “Diner for Two”, “Walk with the Son”, “What’s it Like Being 80” and “Cryon” into One volume entitled, “The Books of Rathe.”

    I have just completed “Hate in Those Eyes” and “Octogenarian Guide to \Survival.” (Unedited)

    At age 89 I still have a lust for life or whatever is left of it, so I keep on writing until the Great Author Above Closes His book on me.

  • Hold Up Woman, Am I Your Problem?

    Hold Up Woman, Am I Your Problem?

    Is your relationship going south, and do you need a change? Your answer is in your hands. Start reading today.

    Is your woman or your man the cause of your problem? If you are in a relationship or contemplating on getting into one, just resolved or terminated one, or know someone in or out of one, then this book is for you. This book answers almost every question dealing with relationships and will help you solve just about every problematic situation straining your union while bringing much resolve and closure to your existing relationship. Since you are living on this planet and you are a male or female, this book was written with you in mind.

    The male and female issues didn’t begin with us but started thousands of years ago and were able to keep the pressure on because of our inability to locate the true culprit. Now the exposure is out, and we can do something about it.

    If you are at a crossroads, or even if your relationship is doing great, reading this book will bring a greater union to you and to your spouse. Your love life will catapult to heights you can only imagine. It makes no difference what age you are; I guarantee your utopian experience is a whisper

    About the author:

    Born in Brooklyn, and one of nine siblings, life was no picnic for Godfrey, but he managed to finish high school and then college at West Chester University. He later accepted the call into the ministry where his ministry was primarily in the area of physical and mental healing. He later became pastor and founder of the King’s Temple church Lancaster, Pennsylvania. In more than thirty years, he ministered to hundreds of couples that prompted him to search out the cause and origin of the problems which seem to plague so many of them. This book was written because of the results of his findings, and he wanted to share this information with anyone in a relationship.

  • Memories; Argentina, Austria, and the United States

    Memories; Argentina, Austria, and the United States

    This book features Esther’s Biography

    Author Bio:

    Esther T. Surany (Ethel) started her artistic career in 1996 in Los Angeles by studying Watercolor with Ed Krimston at San Fernando Valley, CA. Later that year she continued her studies of various media with Marilyn Lazarus. She furthered her talent from 1997 to 2001 at Pierce Colllege in Woodland Hills CA. Also for two years she has studied with Rosa Odow and continued to do until her move to Sun City Anthem. She has been a past board member of the San Fernando Valley Art Club, a member of the San Fernando Watercolor Society and the Pacific Art Guild and was a member of the Nevada Watercolor Society, the Boulder City Art Guild and the City Light Artist’s Gallery and Co-Op. She holds a Teaching Certificate in Multi-dimensional Paper Art with Miju Lee and “Simple Painting” by Frank Clark. With her first love for abstract art she also taught Watercolor, Acrylic, Collage and Cloisonne techniques at Sun City Anthem, Jo Ann,and the Department of Parks and Recreation. In the past her art was juried-in at many places including the Derfield Center Exhibition and the Las Vegas Fine Arts Museum. She has received many awards for her art.

  • Money Scraps - front

    Money Scraps

    Money Scraps’ is about living on the edge trying to make about 15 dollars a day doing odd things that improve your overall well being.Going thru some of the steps to ensure success.Different ways of doing things.

    About the Author:

    Having come from the UK as a baby ,growing up in BC and Albeta. Attending school in New Westminster.Later living multiple times in Europe and Mexico learning the many different aspects of the culture.It has given me insight into the work I do today.

  • Theodor Damian - front

    Prayers in Hell

    King Midas – the legend says – transformed everything he touched into gold. Theodor Damian transforms everything he touches into poetry.

    Sequences from street life, landscapes, people’s gestures, usually looked upon as banalities, disclose, under his eye, their beauty. Other contemporary authors make poetry out of poetry. Theodor Damian makes poetry out of daily reality.

    The blase man of the twenty first century has a lot to learn from this book. Reading it one can rediscover the joy of life. It is a resurrection exercise.

    Alex Stefanescu


    This is an exceptional book, a synthesis of the poet’s lyric and philosophical vision on how the impossible looses its limits when it is immersed in prayer. In Damian’s poetry the “I” of the lyrical and the “I” of metaphysical reflection complement each other in total harmony and become definitory for the poet’s work when they meet in the profound dimensions of Christian spirituality.

    Prayers in Hell represents an editorial event of utmost importance in the landscape so arid and so repetitive of our contemporary poetry.

    M. N. Rusu


    About the author:

    Theodor Damian is a theologian, writer and editor, born in Romania. He is currently Professor of Philosophy and Ethics at the Metropolitan College of New York. He has previously published poetry, theology and literary criticism and is editor of a quarterly review of Romanian spirituality and culture and of a theological review.